A Sex Tape of Whitney Houston Could See the Light

Ray J got attention with the famous tape showing him having sex with Kim Kardashian. And now, it seems that history could repeat itself. This time, with Whitney Houston. Although the rapper and ex-lover of the ill-fated diva has denied the existence of such material, the family of the star have begged him at all costs to avoid the leakage of the controversial recordings.

“The Houston family has been in contact with Ray and he said he did not want to see photos or videos portraying him negatively. They said that Ray has to honor Whitney and not destroy her legacy,” a source said.

However, the musician’s spokesman, Courtney Barnes, stepped out of the rumors to deny categorically and accused its leaders of being “despicable”.

“The reports that have been published are negligible. There is no erotic video or explicit photos. Everything is an invention to sell more newspapers,” she said in the Daily Mail.

Although the relationship between the couple was intermittent, the artist was deeply in love with the rapper.

“She adored him. And despite everything, she has done everything he asked,” said the first source.

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