Adam Sandler sweeps worst film

Jack & Jill, the film in which Adam Sandler played a man and a woman, set a new record to win ten prizes to antiOscar calls, which was released Sunday.

The film is Sandler’s first film in the 32-year history of the Razzies, an Oscar spoof that succeeds. The actor had a record 11 nominations for worst actor itself, worst writer, worse producer and worse “actress”. Although not all Razzies awards went to Jack & Jill

Adam Sandler won the prize for worst actor and actress (unprecedented feat). Al Pacino won the worst supporting actor (playing himself trying to woo the female character Sandler), David Spade (who played “Monica”) was the worst supporting actress, while veteran Sandler in collaboration with Dennis Dugan, was appointed as the worst director.

The 657 voting members of the Golden Raspberry Award Foundation (GRAF) not only felt that 2011 was the worst year of Sandler.

The foundation opened a public vote on Rotten Tomatoes to determine who are the worst screen couple, of which 35.117 votes felt that Jack & Jill “deserved” the not-so-good  comments, winning just by a nose to The Twilight Saga’s Breaking Dawn.

The Razzies wascreated in 1980. 

The winners of the 10 categories this year were determined by an online ballot that is available to the 657 voting members in 46 U.S. states and 17 foreign countries.


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