Angelina and Brad’s Engagement

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are finally married. Confirming the news that raged for days, is a ring in Angelina’s finger. The couple was spotted at LACMA, (Los Angeles County Museum of Art) together with their son, Pax. Still no indiscretion on the date of marriage, but to insiders, they are betting that the location will be in the south of France—a country loved by the two. For now, we know with certainty that the author of so much splendor, is the jeweler, Robert Procop. His spokesman told the details:

“I can confirm that Robert Procop has effectively designed an engagement ring for Angelina Jolie. Brad had a very clear vision of how he wants the ring. He made Robert working on it for over a year.  He took care of every detail, identifying a diamond of excellent workmanship, which was then cut with a custom shape. Brad has always been very involved in the project. He oversaw every aspect of creation. The side diamonds are specially cut to wrap Angelina’s finger. Each diamond is a gem of the highest quality.”

After seven years together and seven dependent children, the two will soon fulfill the dream. Given the circumstances, we do not doubt that it will be a fairytale wedding.

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