Angelina Jolie is jealous of Jennifer Aniston

We begin to believe that conflicts between Brad Pitt and his wives, Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie (former and current respectively) finally came to an end. But then again, a new news confirms otherwise. Again, stir the waters of this love triangle: Angelina is jealous of Jennifer.

This is not the first time we heard about Angie’s jealousy to Jennifer. Although hard to believe that a woman as beautiful as this, who in more than one occasion has been ranked as one of the sexiest world , can come to feel jealous of another. And there is no doubt that this is so. The actress seems to be the most insecure, especially when it comes to Brad’s ex .

According to the OK!┬ámagazine, this time, the conflict took place at Jolie-Pitt’s home. It all started because of a conversation with Brad and one of his sons, Maddox, 10. Angelina, who was there, heard just at the moment when her husband spoke the following words:

“Jennifer (Aniston) was a woman I was married to and loved a lot.”

Apparently, this phrase popped jealous to Jolie, who doesn’t like to hear the name of her husband’s ex. Poor Brad! Is he not entitled to talk about his past with his son?

Maddox told the magazine after seeing an article online that he talked about Jennifer Aniston, and asked her father who she was.

The same source who revealed these details to the OK! magazine also said that after the heated argument that sparked the jealousy of Angelina by Brad Pitt’s confessions to her son Maddox, the actor got enraged. He took his bike and returned to the house many hours later. Since then, things have improved between them.

Jennifer Aniston, who had really nothing to do with the couple’s argument, said that she’s tired been involved in this triangle again.


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