Angelina Jolie Visits Colombian Refugees in Ecuador

Angelina Jolie spent her weekend with dozens of Colombian refugees in the border between Ecuador and Colombia. This was her first public act, after being appointed as High Commissioner for Refugees. 

She was appointed to the post last April 17, after having served for over a decade as a Goodwill Ambassador for the UN Agency Units for Refugees. Jolie made a two-day visit to the refugees in the urban and rural areas of the province of Sucumbios. Sucumbios hosta hundreds of Colombian refugees fleeing from their country. 

Angelina had been in the area twice, in 2002 and 2010, visiting communities of Colombian refugees. In a statement, the agency said that among the sites visited by are places where over 60% live in extreme poverty. Two other communities near San Miguel River, which marks the border with Colombia has also been visited by the actress. 

Ecuador hosts some 56,000 refugees, keeping under review 21,000 asylum requests and receives an average of 1,300 applications protection every month. Colombians make up the largest refugee population in Latin America. The UN agency also added that during her tenure as a goodwill ambassador, Jolie spent more than 40 visits to refugee camps in different parts of the world.

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