Auctioned Items Belonging to Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley


Personal items of celebrities of Michael Jackson, Marilyn Monroe, Kurt Cobain, Elvis Presley, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and Johnny Cash, will be auctioned on July 3. The auction will include clothing, photographs, signatures, posters and musical instruments, which come from family or friends of artists, while others are “people who had lucky enough to buy many years ago, sometimes by accident”. This was said by Stephen Maycock, who was responsible for the auction to be held on July 3.

The auction is organized by Bonhams, which will also include a jacket of the late “King of Pop”, Michael Jackson, which is estimated to be worth about $19,000.

Marilyn Monroe’s dress will also be auctioned at an estimated worth of two $2,338. The auction also includes an autograph book with signatures of Johnny Cash, Ella Fitzgerald, The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, with an estimated at a value of $4,676.

Similarly, those interested in the auction can do the same for the shirt of Kurt Cobain, in Nirvana’s last show held in Munich, Germany in 1994. The shirt is valued at $9,350 dollars. A harlequin costume and a pair of shoes of Freddie Mercury, will also be auctioned. The items are valued at a cost of $18,700 and $3,118 , respectively.

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