Emily Blunt takes on sci-fi with Cruise

Emily Blunt is in demand at the moment. And it doesn’t look to be slowing down. She is in talks to join the cast of sci-fi film All You Need is Kill, opposite Tom Cruise.

Yes, Emily is certainly not going to have time to Play on FoxyBingo.com or attend the cinema herself, because she’s too busy gracing us with her delightful presence on screen. She stars in recent release Salmon Fishing in the Yemen opposite Ewan McGregor and Kristin Scott Thomas, and her comedy with Jason Segel, The Five Year Engagement is showing at the Tribeca Film Festival.

The English rose has said in the past that she was looking to tackle a sci-fi or super hero film, so long as the female character had some substance. It looks like she might have found her next project.

“Usually the female parts in a superhero film feel thankless. She’s the pill girlfriend while the guys are whizzing around saving the world,” Blunt has said in the past.

All You Need is Kill will follow a soldier fighting a war against aliens, when he is forced to re-live his last day alive over and over. Through re-living the experiences, he gains skill in tackling the challenges he faces. Emily will play a soldier fighting alongside him.

The script was originally written by Dante Harper, before it was re-worked by Joby Harold. He is also executive producing the project.

It sounds interesting, and as for Emily’s career, it has certainly been a mixed bag.

“I’m open to any kind of genre if the part is great and fun and different and a challenge in some way,” she said. “I would love to do a comic-book movie or a science-fiction film that would scare the life out of me.”

Dress code – small treaty for sensible fashion

What dress code? What should I wear at THE event? Here is a small treaty of how you should dress to look good in every situation. . Put in practice your code of good “wardrobe”.

Dress code is not synonymous with classic, but classic is eternally valid. I followed the dress code in situations that require it and I always got great results. That public events that require a certain dress code part even in the invitation. For example, an important business meeting requires a costume or a dress.

Black always saves you, and a pair of high heels gives one side an attitude female “male”.

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Nicole Kidman and Rachel McAdams in identical dresses

The inevitable happened again! Nicole Kidman and Rachel McAdams wore only one week apart same dress, a lace creation signed by Colette Dinnigan. Who do you vote for?

Nicole Kidman vs Rachel McAdams

Where, when

• On January 27, in Los Angeles at the gala awards AACTA, beautiful Nicole Kidman arrived at her husband’s arm wearing this beautiful dress. Only a week before, on January 20 in Munich, Rachel McAdams wore the same dress

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Kourtney Kardashian loves animal print tights

Leopard print tights are in vogue but not everyone dares to wear them. Kourtney Kardashian knows how to blend in such a way that she always looks great.

Animal print tights

Many women would like to wear stockings animal print, but do not have courage! This fashion item is sophisticated and rule is to combine as minimalist.

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Thick Cardigan With Tribal Print, Must-have This Winter

If you’re that sort of person who stays in until the last minute to get inspiration on how to dress (mainly because you have no idea what dress to wear, again, this winter), celebrities inspire you to choose a thick cardigan with tribal print. It’s very trendy!

Cardigan with tribal print

It’s not a poncho, a jacket nor a sweater, it’s a longer and thicker cardigan that looks fabulous! And if still in print tribal trends clearly align you to Hollywood looks.

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