Paris Hilton’s New Beau


After being spotted two months ago with the new Canadian imitator, Paris Hilton has a new boyfriend. Hilton’s new beau is a young Spanish model which is 10 years her junior.

According to various media, the celebrity has a relationship with River Viiperi, a model who is ranked number 35 on top 50. Viiperi is a native of Ibiza, where the parents of this young man soon realized his potential and began to project.

He has also starred in magazine covers as “GQ Style”, modeled for Calvin Klein and participated in campaigns for Tommy Hilfiger and American Eagle, among other reputable firms.

The two met during the Marlon Gobel parade, which was held as part of the fashion week in New York. Since then, the couple has never been separated and have been raised several times in the “backstage” of some parades , as stated by the website

A few weeks ago, Paris Hilton filmed a promotional video with korean Kim Jang Hoon During filming, the actress walked the beaches of Malibu wearing high heels and a white bathing suit under a summer dress. The video can be viewed in 3D.



Kristen Stewart, in the eye of the Toronto Film Festival


A nervous and shy Kristen Stewart caught all the attention at the opening of the festival Toronto film when the star of “Twilight” appeared in public for the first time after the scandal of cheating and breaking up with her boyfriend.

Stewart, 22, made a public apology last July to her long-time boyfriend and co-star of “Twilight”, Robert Pattinson, 26, after he confessed to having an affair with the director of his latest film “Snow White and the Huntsman”, Rupert Sanders.

Stewart is in Toronto this week for the North American premiere of the movie “On The Road” by director Walter Salles, a film past the innovative novel by Jack Kerouac on freedom of youth and starring Sam Riley, Garrett Hedlund, Viggo Mortensesn and Kirsten Dunst.

On the red carpet, Stewart was “a little anxious and was having leg tremors”, according to a publication.

The Canadian television said the next morning that the actress rarely looked at his face during interviews, and said that “she always looks down”. Stewart arrived at the airport in Toronto on Wednesday wearing a shirt that fans of “Twilight” identified as one of Pattinson’s. This was interpreted by fans as a possible resumption of their relationship with the actor.



Kim Kardashian: Denied a Star in the Hollywood Walk of Fame


Kim Kardashian made it clear that to have a star on the Walk of Fame in Hollywood, one must first shine.

A socialite and star of several reality shows, was denied a request to join the famous boardwalk, next to the likes of Michael Jackson, Liz Taylor, Mariah Carey, Shakira and other four thousand personalities.

A representative of the Chamber of Commerce of Hollywood told The Hollywood Reporter that Kardashian does not meet the requirements to be part of the luminaries who earned a place on the walk, i.e., has no merit.

It was prohibited since Kardashian has not received any award for her brilliant performance in the arts, music, television and movies. Plus, she does not even have five years in acting.



Katy Perry and Robert Pattinson Enjoyed a Romantic Dinner


After both have waxed and waned in love, singer Katy Perry and actor Robert Pattinson were spotted together in a romantic dinner.

According to the British newspaper “The Sun”, Robert Pattinson and Katy Perry shared a romantic dinner at which comforted each other by their breakups.

In addition, a witness who was present at the meeting, said Perry used a sparkly top and tight, and that the actor could not stop staring at her cleavage, while eating in a fancy restaurant.

“She laughed at his jokes and he touched her hair,” the source added.

Remember that this is not the first time Katy was spotted near Robert. Before her marriage to Russell Brand, they were seen by the press walking together in a car in the city.



Robert Pattinson In Search of a New Girlfriend?


A little over a month where the infidelity scandal of Kristen Stewart broke, bookmaker Paddy Power, offers its his list of women who might be potential girlfriends of Robert Pattinson . According to that list, Elizabeth Olsen is the one most likely to take the place of Stewart, as played by site.

In the list, made up of 31 girls, are Amanda Seyfried, Ashley Greene, Katy Perry, Daisy Lowe, and Emma Watson.

Also featured are other famous actresses like Mila Kunis, Rihanna, Taylor Swift, Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan.

Last week, it emerged that Pattinson is willing to appear on the red carpet of the latest installment of the Twilight saga to keep Kristen Stewart humiliated and booed.

Liberty Ross Makes Deal to Save Marriage with Rupert Sanders


After the scandal of  filmmaker Rupert Sanders with Kristen Stewart, his wife, actress Liberty Ross, designed a deal to save their marriage.

According to “People” magazine, the agreement consists of five conditions that would have to be abided by the husband if he wants the relationship to continue.

“A five-point plan has been developed for Liberty and that is for Rupert to sign and paralyze the divorce process. Some of the conditions include that he only makes a movie a year and is in the state of California, where they reside,” said a source to the publication.

Liberty Ross and Rupert Sanders have two children together, which is one of the main reasons for the  fight for their relationship. But, it is not known whether Sanders is willing to accept the terms in the agreement.

Ross was devastated to learn that her husband Rupert Sanders had been unfaithful with Kristen Stewart, who starred in the director’s latest film.



It’s Over for Perry and Mayer


The romance between Katy Perry and John Mayer came to an end, so say several sources close to the couple.

“At first, she avoided falling surrendered to his feet, but John did his charm on the table and kept Katy assured that he had changed and had become a faithful and loyal man,” said another source to “Radar Online”.

“She’s sad about it and thinks that John was not serious,” said a source to “U.S. Weekly”.

Another source told “People” magazine that, “They are over as friends. People expected to see him as something more serious than he actually was.”

The new Katy Perry breakup comes after her recent divorce from comedian, Russell Brand.



Lady Gaga and Ricky Martin Defended Prince Harry


Singers Lady Gaga and Ricky Martin defended Prince Harry with the various comments against him, which arose from the publication of photographs in which he appeared naked during a party in Las Vegas.

The Puerto Rican singer wrote on his Twitter account, “The problem is not the picture, rather the ‘friend’ who threw it and published it. Harry having a good time? What’s wrong ? # royalsarepeopletoo”

Another celebrity who has come to the defense of Prince is Lady Gaga, who through the same medium, said, “Good heavens, Harry has a great body. Hope nobody goes crazy over this.” Both singers agreed on “so-called friends” who just want to take advantage of any situation, “taking photos and then filtered.”


Angelina to Invite Her Exes on Her Wedding


Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have not talked about their wedding, but the stories about unrelieved link and now says she plans to invite her former husbands.

According to, between the guest list included Jonny Lee Miller and Billy Bob Thornton, whom Jolie was married.


“Angelina has remained very close with Jonny and Billy, so they surely will be invited,” a source told Grazia magazine. With Lee Miller, Jolie was married to him between 1996 and 1999, while her marriage Bob Thornton lasted from 2000 to 2003.

When rumors began to emerge of the wedding of Jolie and Pitt, said the ceremony would have about 300 guests, but then mentioned that it would be more intimate. A few days ago, it was also mentioned that Brad is in charge of all arrangements for liaison and has been with the arrangements to his home in France.



Kristen Stewart was Spotted on the Streets of Los Angeles


Almost a month ago that Kristen Stewart sparked a scandal over an affair, she was recently spotted on the streets of Los Angeles.

With Robert Pattinson’s cap and a ring given to her by the Pattinson, Kristen also wore jeans and white shirt, which showed off her abdomen.

The site,, publishes images of the young 22-year-old, who said Stewart was very depressed about the situation with Pattinson and fed only fries.

Also mentioned recently that Kristen will face the press next month at the Festival of Cinema of Toronto, to promote her film, ”On The Road”.

Pattinson reappeared last week to promote his film “Cosmopolis”, but avoided speaking directly to Kristen.

Adele Will Soon Debut as a Mom


After holding in total secrecy, Simon Konecki, Adele’s boyfriend, said that a baby will be born soon.

The newspaper, the “Daily Mail”, reported by columnist Katie Nicholl, quoted Konecki who said, “The baby is coming very soon. I’m very excited. Adele is doing well and we can not wait.”

So far, few details have been given about the pregnancy and the singer has tried not to be seen before the media.

Konecki searched and found something meaningful—a pendant designed by artist and spiritualist, Lady Marina Cowdray— which describes it as a symbol that “embodies the wisdom, knowledge and compassion”.

The gold pendant is approximately four thousand euros (65,000 dollars approximately) and will be his gift to remember the day Adele debuted as a mom.