Beyoncé: two albums in the works?


While there’s still a few weeks, the press claimed that Beyonce wanted to take a break from her career to care for her daughter. It seems that the singer has in fact taken over the paths of the studios. Less than two months after the birth of Blue Ivy, Beyoncé is already working with Ryan Tedder, who produced her worldwide hit, “Halo”. He also participated in the incredible success of Adele’s album “21”.

The new project’s theme would be the diva’s course as a parent. “Conversations about her upcoming album have just begun and there are two projects that stand out”, the producer told The Boombox. The collaboration promises to be fruitful anyway, from what was stated by the producer who was blown away by the artist’s talent. “Without a doubt, she runs the ship. With Beyoncé, you just let it go. She’s the best.” The fans, of course, who eagerly awaits her return, will not say otherwise.

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