Big Eye Makeup


Want to enhance the beauty of your eyes? We’ll give you makeup tricks that makes our eyes look bigger.

  • use clear shades under the eyebrow to give light.
  • use dark shades in the exterior part of the eye to create a very favoring torn effect.
  • delineate the line of top eyelashes to define the look and to give force to the eye.
  • do not forget the eyebrows since they are the frame of the look.
  • to highlight the eyelashes and give them form and volume, use a volumizing mascara.

Now, let’s have a step by step guide on how to apply our makeup.

  • Use a reviser of the tone of the skin to cover the eye bags. It is necessary to apply the product with help of a synthetic brush and to melt the product in the skin with your the fingers.
  • Apply a shade base in cream. This will allow the makeup to last the whole day.
  • Apply your colored eye shadows. Apply a clear shade under the eyelid to mark and to give light in this zone. Use a soft brush to have a blurring effect. Apply a dark shade in the exterior part of the eye to tear the look.
  • Draw a line in the top and bottom of the eye with a black eye-liner line to define the look and give it strength.
  • For the finishing touch, apply mascara to the eyelashes so that they are curved and full in volume.


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