Biography Reveals that Adele Had Alcohol Problems


British singer, Adele, has confessed that she had to deal with the problem of alcoholism. This was stated in “Adele: The biography” published by Marc Shapiro. According to information from the “Huffington Post” site, the singer for some time took over the account and that during her first tour, she was so taken in one of her concerts that she fell off a stool and forgot the lyrics of their songs.

“I was so drunk at the time it happened, at two o’clock, I had forgotten the words of my own songs. That was the worst thing that ever happened,” said the singer. Also, the winner of eight Grammy Awards and three Brit Awards stated that the problems of her love life led her to rely on drinking, since she suffered a lot to love a bisexual guy who cheated on her later.

In “Adele: The biography”, which goes on sale on the 17th of July, it also addresses issues like the relationship of the artist with her mom and dad.

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