Britney Spears Plus One Out in Public

In January of this year (2013), Britney Spears broke off yet another romance when she and then-fiance Jason Trawick ended the relationship. Her was also her agent, and the two split amicably after three years. Since then, she has been mostly out of the public eye, and flying solo. One Valentine’s Day, she was spotted with a new beau briefly, but it wasn’t until Friday that the public felt they were making things “official.”

The new man, David Lucado, is reportedly quite muscular. He only gets better after that. Lucado shares some significant background with Spears: he comes from the South. The Virginia native lived in Atlanta before movie to LA to pursue a career with a law firm. Sounds like exactly what Britney needs. He’s also four years younger than the pop star. Since being spotted on Valentine’s Day golfing and getting sushi, the two have been inseparable. It wasn’t until Friday though, that paparazzi were able to catch them in the act of holding hands and declaring their unabashed emotions.

David Lucado is the first man Britney has been seen with romantically since her split in January. Previously, Britney has been romantically linked to Justin Timberlake in 2000 (perhaps one of the more popular celeb romances of the time) but after a couple years, the two broke up and Timberlake released his “Cry Me A River” music video that insinuated Spears had been unfaithful, and starred  Lauren Hastings. Other romantic links include childhood friend Jason Allen Alexander, dancer Kevin Federline (whom she dated and eventually married while his ex was pregnant with his child), and paparazzo Adnan Ghalib.

With David Lucado.

With David Lucado.



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