Casper Smart is Gay?


Professional dancer, Joshua Lee Ayers, said his colleague Casper Smart, JLo’s beau is gay. Ayers also said that Smart’s relationship with the singer is only to gain fame and money.

Through his official Twitter account, Ayers, who has participated in “Glee” and has worked with artists such as Fergi, Ludacris and Natasha Bedingfield, said the JLo’s current pair is gay, accompanying publication with photograph, in which Smart was seen in a very suggestive pose. Ayers wrote, “Look at this boy and his low-profile gay attitudes.”

In the photo, Smart was shown in a gold mini short, a deer hunter’s hat, no shirt and a scarf, plus the company of a group of men posing in underwear and brightly colored accessories. Ayers also noted that Smart says the relationship with the singer is only for fame and money. “It is not love, many business and public relations. He is willing to do whatever Jennifer wants, provided that she promotes his career,” said Ayers in the In Touch publication.

It should be noted that the representative of JLo and Smart, Mark Young, already commented: “Casper is not gay. These comments were born of envy and jealousy.

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