Patterns on Patterns

I find myself drawn to florals, flannels, paisley, and polka dots. I can’t help but be drawn to these classic patterns, as well as the less traditional ones, or the surprising pairings of two of these patterns together. I am especially tickled when I see men pairing these patterns and colors well. Why can’t they all dress like that? When it comes to dressing your man (or dressing yourself, male readers), don’t be afraid to go bold. It’s eye catching and effective. You’ll exude confidence and people will notice. Putting a little more into your wardrobe will pay off. And as a good friend once told me (and if he told me once, he told me a thousand times), if you look good, you feel good. 

He’s in the picture below, but take your pic! Whatever your type, we’ve got it. Checkers, stripes, flannel, paisley, solid. Classic denim, black jeans, colored denim, and shades of khaki. Keep in mind, I pulled this photo from MY friends. This is real life fashion, not an unrealistic runway image. And don’t they look good?


Don’t dress you man, but come to a compromise. I like a guy in purple, but let him pick which purple. I like a guy in a skinny tie, but let him pick the color. You might have to help him out with the combinations but if you can show him examples of what you think looks good (in ads, or on others if he doesn’t mind), he’ll be more confident in trying something new.



Bags for the Modern Women


Comfortable forms, refined details, and elegant colors. Shopping bags, shoulder bags and baskets made with the most beautiful of natural materials. Today, we’ll help you with hot finds to go with your outfit.

The combination of straw and ocher are the trendiest summer. You will surely like this bag very much. This is available at Zara for 19.95 euros.









Soft and roomy, this bag contains everything necessary for the sea. Available at Cromia for 79 euros.









The flat strap, closed and light. This bag from Etam is perfect for those who go to the beach on a scooter. Available for only 29.90 euros.









The shopper with colored leaves and wooden handles can be used in town, with a dress. This bag from Carpisa can be bought at 19.90 euros only.









The detail of crochet cotton with a touch of glamor to the classic straw basket will go with almost any outfit. This is available at OVS for 22.90 euros.


Michael Jackson and Beatles Memorabilias: Favorites at Argentina Auction


Michael Jackson’s red jacket and a table with pictures of the Beatles were the most coveted pieces of a motley auction held in Buenos Aires.

The red jacket was signed by the King of Pop. The Beatles’ pictures on the other hand, was autographed by the artists. This became the stars of the auction this week. The pieces were sold for 25,000 Argentine pesos, and 73,400 pesos respectively.

The auction of memorabilias, collectibles and several photographs, managed to sell about 70% of the lots and “met expectations”, explained Carlos Rocca, coordinator of City Bank  appraisers, the entity responsible for the organization.

Among the favorites of buyers also include a guitar signed by Eric Clapton, which quadrupled the price of output to 20,000 pesos.

Jennifer Launches E-Commerce of Luxury Shirts



An unstoppable woman, a globally successful pop stars, super mom of twins, actress, producer and former fashion designer a lingerie line of does it again. The Latina beauty, Jennifer Lopez opens an e-commerce of luxury and strictly limited edition t-shirts, called

In the site, you will find t-shirts with exclusive graphics by artists and designers, whose designs won through votes by site members. The t-shirts have a starting price of $29.

However, once you go to the site, you will be asked to leave your e-mail address, so you can be notified when the website goes live. For the time being, you may visit their Facebook page at, for up to the minute news.

The Best Closet Organizers: Ikea

When the school season approaches, many individuals will be trucking to the universities. College dormitories are often very small and difficult to organize. However, Ikea provides a storage solution for all the hardworking students around the globe. Today, we will tackle the closet organizers Ikea that are available for the college dorms.

When you meet your home university for the first time, you will notice some things. The first thing is you’ll probably realize that the room is relatively small and has limited space. The next thing you’ll notice is that you have a roommate. This makes the room’s space even smaller. The third thing you’ll probably realize is that you should have paid attention to your mother when she was doing all that redevelopment and decoration at home when you were a child.

Ikea knows difficult it can be to obtain a sufficient amount of space in a relatively small area. Thus, the Ikea closet organizer has been developed. The Ikea closet system is created in a lightweight material that is strong enough. The Ikea closet organizers are on wheels, so you can move it as you see fit. Generally, the price is suitable for a student’s budget. The Ikea closet systems for the university residences normally cost less than thirty dollars. This is definitely a good deal for the money.

You can choose a number of colors with the Ikea closet organizers. The most common colors for college dormitories are black and blue. How to build your closet the right way is essential, since you’ll be spending months, even years, in your dormitory. When you select a closet, it is important to consider the overall color scheme of your space in the dormitory. In most cases, you can choose a color that matches the bedding in your college dorm. Bedding is often the focus of the theme of your college space. By selecting Ikea closet organizers, make sure that it reflects or matches the color your bed sheets. Your space will surely have an appropriate theme.

When you purchase an Ikea closet organizer, you will see that they come complete with plenty of storage space for the price you pay. You will normally have a ceiling rod for you to place various articles of clothing. The closet Ikea closet systems are also designed with four shelves for different folded elements and shaped articles. The shelves can also be adjusted in any way you wish. They also come with special instructions on how to build your closet. These step by step instructions make your installation easy and effortless.

The Ikea closet organizers have a height of over seventy centimeters. That’s definitely a lot of room for a small space. In college dormitories, it is often better to store things inside rather than outside. This will help preserve the area as you walk, and the space you need for studying.

Many people purchase other forms of closet organizers Ikea for their needs in a dormitory. In most cases, these units are placed under the bed. If there is an upscale bed located in the dormitory, many things can be stored. Items such as boxes, magazines, book organizers, foot wear and accessory organizers can also be purchased at Ikea. It is truly a one-stop shop for all students.

But of course, Ikea closet organizers is not just for college dorms. They are also a perfect fit for your homes. If you don’t have that much space in your room for a walk-in closet, or even a large cabinet, then Ikea products are right for you. Sometimes, extra large cabinets with different structures consume too much space. The Ikea closet system is available to fix that problem. Some features of the closet organizers Ikea is its sliding features, adjustable fitting, reconfigurable pieces and quality components. Another reason why it saves you a lot of space is because it can be mounted on the wall, or even in the ceiling.

Ikea closet organizers help you save space, thus, making more room for other furniture. They come in stylish and trendy colors like white, green, red, and many more that will suit your taste. The Ikea closet organizers are cost efficient, versatile, and has all the factors that you are looking for in a storage system.

Salma Hayek at the Cannes Film Festival

Numerous media and news websites on French cinema, emphasized the sensuality of Salma Hayek on her appearance at the Cannes Film Festival. The word “sexy” best describes Salma Hayek at the festival, where she was with her ​​husband and French billionaire, Francois-Henri Pinault.

Hayek wore a dress Gucci signature dress that flattered her curves. Mexican pump subdued, wrapped in a bright dress sublime,” said Premiere. The main local newspaper in the region of the Costa Azul, said that the Mexican actress was “more sensual than ever” and “caused a sensation”. The Exclusifpeople site said that Hayek was “a sexy latina bomb on the red carpet”.

Marion Cotillard in the Cannes Film Festival

At the start the second day of the Cannes Film Festival , the photographers have fallen to Marion Cotillard, star of the French film “Et De Rouille D’Os”, who was accompanied by director Jacques Audiard and actor, Matthias Schoenaertsvestita.

The French actress wears a pink knee chiffon dress from Christian Dior, that is very delicate and perfect for a day look.

To give accent to the dress, it was accompanied with a golden belt and a pair of lemon yellow shoes by Versus. A color combination of bold but highly successful, giving a fresh feel to the nuances of light.

Marion Cotillard’s makeup was in shades of pink, with a low side tail hairstyle, which gives a less dramatic effect and a casual outfit that would otherwise seem too bon ton.

The Stars in the Cannes Film Festival

Eva Longoria came to the royal red carpet of Cannes, wearing a Marchesa gown with a tulle and a long tail; while Jessica Chastain took a pink design from Alexander McQueen. Eva Herzigova also wore a pink dress by Dolce & Gabbana. Lana Del Rey attended in a black strapless dress by Alberta Ferretti.

Actress, Diane Kruger must have arrived in France with a bulky luggage. On Wednesday, the first day of the Cannes Film Festival, Kruger, a member of the jury, showed two different dresses. For her photo session, Kruger wore a burgundy dress with bold lines from Versace Versus. During evening, for the the premiere of “Monrise Kingdom”, she wore a silk gown by Giambattista Valli aqua.

“That girl knows how to dress perfectly,” said designer, Rachel Roy, who follow the fashions in Cannes from New York. From Kruger’s dress that night, Roy said that, “The transparency and draping is reminiscent of Jacqueline Kennedy, but modern. Pure elegance.”

Some of the men showed more of the relaxed atmosphere at the spa: Bill Murray wore a plaid jacket and Ewan McGregor combined his blue cotton dress by Marni shoes and a tie with white stars.

Black and White

The bright and neon colors seem to be the master this spring. But, there is also a counterpart in the air. An immortal and romantic retro effect of the black and white combination.

The combination of black and white can be worn in an elegant way. This combination can be strutted in any occasion, without looking dull or boring. With the right hair and set of accessories, you’re good to go.

For women, accessories like shoes, handbags and jewelry are their best allies. But being mindful is essential, since the details are what makes the difference. The feeling must be strong and immediate, like a bolt of lightning.

“Simplicity is the ultimate perfection.” This is the mood of black & white.

Lady Gaga with Giorgio Armani

Latex, metal studs, PVC. These elements do not associate with Giorgio Armani. Instead, the great maestro of Italian couture is inspired by elegant designs like what we usually see on the runways of Armani.

For her Asian tour, the Born This Way singer, together with Armani has created four unique outfits, where the four elements mentioned were processed using techniques of haute couture. The result was extremely surprising and impressive. Yes. Armani and Lady Gaga have been working together to created a whole new fashion trend.

“Collaborating with Lady Gaga is a new experience for me every time. I like her ability to use fashion as a scenic element to build her character. She is an artist of great talent and intelligence to create costumes for her creative exercise. This is very exciting .”

Check out the amazing designs by two creative geniuses:


Christian Louboutin’s Winter Collection 2012

The magician and teacher, Christian Louboutin is revered by women, and we all know why. For a pair of Louboutin shoes, you can really make madness and magic. Here is the new lookbook for fabulous winter shoes for women signed by the one and only, Christian Louboutin.

For more fetish, do not worry. This new winter collection will not betray your hopes.

These elegant and sensual shoes will surely entice more and more women. There is a daring twist on the pieces that are painted in red, black and nude, showing their aggressive side with clear studs on sihloutte. This will definitely be a trend that continues for the next cold. Segnatele, will be the new best seller. Made by a precious and refined hand, the pumps with high heels covered in swarovski and decors all over will certainly have you wishing for a pair.

Check out some of the pieces we’ve gathered for you: