Do you eat fashionably?

The useful effects of vitamins, the dietary health pacts for food fanatics of the world may be suppressed due to massive consumption of fast food which would be considered as illicit for veggie nuts.

According to the steer provided by the case, it is legit enough to issue the demand for less consumption of both coffee and soft drinks which hamper utilization of calcium in the body leading to soft bones and osteoporosis in females majorly and certain reactions with ascorbic acid, respectively.

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However, lettuce, mayonnaise, cheese and the red meat hidden under the sub’s or the burger’s luscious breaded bun may be the ones which would help you to stay akin for fat-soluble vitamins, probably. When speaking about a diet, one would bypass natural sources for daily intake of vitamins and minerals and would depend on high potency multivitamins which would in your case (if taken) would prove to provide hazardous effects as coffee would contradict it.

Your body would certainly lack in vitamin C as the consumption of soft drinks or sodas as cited in the USA would result in a harmful chemical reaction leading to the formation of benzoic acid which would in turn hamper the body’s metabolism, nevertheless. Your diet would also lack in profound amounts of vitamin D and vitamin E, with the hazard of decreased calcium absorption from your bones due to excessive aid of coffee.


You would be advised to consume fatty fish such as salmon or mackerel and you may even amuse yourself by a mouth-watering tuna salad which is a delicacy in the US, of course. By replacing the soft drink with fresh orange juice would provide you with vitamin C and the replacement of the sub or the ham burger one at a time with holy mackerel would prove beneficent for you!

After all, you wish to look downright sexy in that prom dress, don’t you?

Paris Hilton on What’s Important in Life

No, it’s not a joke. Paris Hilton actually spoke about morals and values, and what she holds near and dear. I would advise you to take it with a grain of salt, but my own suspicions of Hilton’s moral compass come through loud an clear.

In case you don’t remember why she was famous in the first place– it’s okay, a lot of people don’t– it was a sex tape released in 2003, entitled “1 Night in Paris,” with Rick Salomon. Shortly thereafter, she starred alongside Nicole Richie in “The Simple Life,” which chronicled their experiences as wealthy, spoiled socialites slumming it along the average, blue collar civilian. It was during the experience that Paris revealed she didn’t know what a soup kitchen was.

Since then… well, she hasn’t come a long way, it seems. After the premiere of “The Bling Ring,” starring Emma Watson, and telling the tale of thieving youngsters, Hilton spoke about the pitfalls of being so materialistic… none of which she seems to have been able to avoid herself.

“There’s much more to life than all of these possessions and everything. And if you want those things, you’re gonna have to work yourself, just like I did.”

Yes, she owns 44 stores across the country, but work? She is the heiress to the Hilton Hotels. Heard of them? To put a number to it, she is valued at $100 million net worth.

The irony is that while “The Bling Ring” centers around a group of teens that rob celebrity homes– which happened to Hilton a few years back (she kept the key under her doormat…)– and her immediate reaction was:

“I don’t know what I’d do if I saw them. I’m not a confrontational person. But I would literally be like, ‘You guys need serious help. And I want my stuff back.'”

To put it in perspective, Hilton drives a pink Bentley with a diamond-encrusted dashboard, and a $300,000 California Spyder Ferrari. She also owns a $12,000 yellow Chagoury Couture dress, and over 200 pairs of designer shoes.


Magazines Search for a New Type of Cover Girl

Unsurprisingly, A-list Hollywood actresses– you know the type: outrageous amounts of money, ridiculously high heels, and sculpted husbands– are not the most relatable to the everyday female. This may seem like obvious news but there are some resounding effects.

Jess Cagle, managing editor of Entertainment Weekly, puts it this way:

“…[M]ovie stars are less revered than they used to be, and also audiences have shifted their allegiance in large part to television.”

Due to this shift in “allegiance” so to speak, editors have adjusted their magazine covers to satisfy the readers. For example, Glamour’s covers were 50% populated with film stars, but when the magazine realized that their edition featuring Lauren Conrad– a reality TV star– was the best selling issue in 2012, they opted to make film stars the minority of cover girls.

Other leading ladies who have made sales mile markers are Beyonce and Lady Gaga, showing that musicians pack a lot of punch as well. The growth of social media has also aided in the relability of some stars, especially those who tweet, or are patrons of Instagram and Vine, for example. Other possible reasons for the attachment to reality stars is the ongoing, weekly relationship  developed through regular programming, versus the roughly two hour relationship created during movies. The personal investment is much more temporary with movies than with television.

Another speculation is that most movies (as of late), appeal to men, and women make up the majority of magazine buyers, so  a gap is created where women do not relate to male movie stars.


5 of the Most Popular Luxury Cars in History

For the well-to-do there is really no shortage of luxury cars to choose from as ever more impressive technological wonders roll off production lines all across the globe. From stately sedans to speedy supercars, if you have the cash then the most gorgeous and luxurious vehicles ever designed can be yours.

However, the ever-expanding array of prestige cars means that there is only room for a handful of real classics to make their mark every generation. Let’s take a look at some of the all-conquering cars that captivated buyers from the moment that they were created.

Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow (1965 – 1980)

Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow

Regal, glamorous and beautifully constructed from bonnet to rear bumper, the various Rolls Royce Silver Shadow models made their mark on British car manufacturing as well as rewriting the rules on elegant car design.

Rolls-Royce were determined to remain to last word in luxury automobiles but they decided to play it smart with the Silver Shadow. They managed to square the circle by providing passengers with increased personal and luggage space while actually making the car narrower and shorter than its predecessor, the Silver Cloud. This was achieved using advanced unitary construction techniques and it made the Silver Shadow a more practical vehicle without sacrificing comfort or style.

E-Type Jaguar (1961 – 1975)

E-Type Jaguar

A true icon of 1960s style and elegance, the E-Type is still considered to be Jaguar’s greatest success story. Not only did it boast a beautiful sleek design and high performance, its highly competitive pricing ensured that the E-Type sold by the tens of thousands.

Uniquely engineered for speed as well as style, the E-Type’s famous shape hid either one of two inline-six engines, although the final Series 3 variant featured a 5.3-liter V-12 under the iconic hood.

Ferrari 250 GTO (1962-1964)

Ferrari 250 GTO

It’s not surprising to see a Ferrari featured in any top luxury cars list, regardless of the time frame. Only 39 of these stunning vehicles were produced during its two year cycle but each one was clamoured for by the likes of Hollywood stars, business magnates and European aristocracy.

Its value as a collector’s item has rocketed in recent years, to the point where in May 2012 a 250 GTO became the world’s most expensive car, selling in a private transaction for $35 million.

When you look at the stunning bodywork and perfectly tuned 3.0-liter V-12 engine then it’s not difficult to see why the world continues to go crazy for this prince of prestige cars.

Mercedes S-Class (1972-Present)

mercedes benz S classe

The ultimate in affordable luxury, there’s a reason why the Mercedes S-Class is the favoured vehicle of government officials the world over. Smart, safe, stylish, efficient and oozing comfort from every angle, this is the grandfather of luxury sedans.

S-Class is an anglicisation of the German abbreviation of Sonderklasse or ‘special class’ as in ‘a class of its own’. Not only has each successive model improved its luxurious interior and complement of extras, the high performance vehicles still retain an excellent rate of fuel efficiency (a fact that no doubt endears them to cost-cutting governments!)

BMW 7 Series (1977-Present)

BMW 7 Series

The beautiful, timeless flagship of BMW, the 7-Series was introduced in 1977 as a full-sized sedan that handled and looked every bit as good as the smaller cars they produced. Successive models introduced cutting-edge security measures and other technologies to take the driving experience to the next level.

With reliable sales numbering tens of thousands year after year since its inception, the 7-Series stands as one of the most popular lines of luxury cars to grace the market, wowing buyers with effortlessly smooth rides while they recline in glorious comfort.

Kate Upton on the Cover of Vogue

Twenty year old Kate Upton is doing more than making a name for herself: she’s helping facilitate a much needed and long awaited change in the way women are portrayed in the media. The bombshell graces the cover of the most recent edition of Vogue, where she is referred to as “the hottest supermodel on earth,”:

a90d42d2-4b62-49d1-bd9e-01193869c837_kateuptoncover_vogueWe must celebrate the appearance of a plus sized model on the cover of a high fashion magazine, marking Vogue’s effort to promote and picture healthier looking promises, recalling a promise they made in 2012. The magazine expressed an interest in the well-being of their readers and promised to not work with models under the age of sixteen, “who appear to have an eating disorder.” The magazine also encouraged designers to rethink how they picture, design, and market clothing, which often drives models to diet in order to fit into unrealistically proportioned clothes.

Upton speaks fondly of her own body, ignoring the preposterous “overweight” comments that have been thrown her way:

“The things that they’re rejecting are things that I can’t change. I can’t change my bra size. They’re natural! I can work out and I can stay healthy and motivated, but I can’t change some things. I really just live my life. I love my body. It’s what God gave me! I feel confident with myself, and if that inspires other women to feel confident with their bodies, great.”

Dressing your Man

Dress your man, and he looks good for a day; teach a man to dress himself, an he looks good for a lifetime. A few weeks ago, we posted an article about men’s fashions. That article reported on patterns, which are still very in! But for a more subtle, but still sexy look, men have options. We have another tip below, so listen up!

Employ some color! It’s springtime. Embrace it. Instead of your standard white button down, go for a saturated pastel– lavender, yellow, sky blue. These colors are eye catching, and when paired with jeans or khakis, always match! Don’t try to be too matchy-matchy; let the shirt be the focal point of the outfit. The other parts of the ensemble should be subtle. Banana Republic offers an especially comfortable, colored button down in their Soft Twill Line,  costing $59.50.

An important thing to remember when choosing what shade to wear, is what it will look like against your own skin tone. A good rule of thumb is to pay attention to warm and cool tones. For men with lighter, cooler skin tones, stick to cooler colors, like blues and greens. For men with darker, richer, warmer skin tones, stick to the warm colors, like pinks, reds, and oranges. When in doubt, ask a salesperson for help.

PS, does anyone wish their closet at home looked like this one?



New trend for athletic apparel

There is a new trend emerging for athletic apparel, and it’s snowballing. The trend isn’t gaining popularity for how cute or sexy it is– it’s actually extremely functional. What makes it better than the rest is how scientifically advanced it is.

Meet the new Kickstarter Radiate shirt. It changes colors as you exercise. It’s not like a mood ring. The color changes are based on body heat. So, if you are working a specific muscle group, the area of the shirt covering that muscle group will react to the heat created, causing it to change colors.


The creator, Kenneth Crockett, had this to say about the technology involved: “We raised the bar on [thermochromic technology] and engineered it to a precise and specific temperature range, and with that temperature range, we were able to calculate just how hard you’re exerting certain muscles.”

To demonstrate its effectiveness, Crockett donned a dull purplish/grey shirt and began exercising. After a few reps of chest presses, the shirt had turned a bright pink color. “It’s the only shirt that shows what you’re doing in real time,” Crockett said, “And as I work out harder and harder, it gets brighter and brighter.”

Sales of the shirt are skyrocketing. Within thirty hours of making it available online, Radiate Athletics met their goal of $30,000. Surprisingly, the NASA-developed technology that the shirts employ is relatively affordable; shirts start online for only $25.

Sexy Sevigny

Chloe Sevigny is a well known name in the fashion and entertainment arenas. Making it big when she scored a spot in Boys Don’t Dry, alongside Hilary Swank, she swept the scene. She now has acting, modeling, and designing under her belt. The Massachusetts native isn’t necessarily a household name, but she is making headlines with a new number she stepped out in that caused quite a reaction:


The musically inspired dress made its first appearance during New York Fashion Week, an event that Sevigny would be unlikely to miss, due to her intrinsic involvement with the fashion industry; she was once labeled the It Girl in the mid 1990s (once an It Girl, always an It Girl? Could I be an It Girl?).

Clearly the dress boasts a large violin centerpiece. Or is it a viola? Either way, it follows trends, giving an eye catching centerpiece, employing sparkles against a solid backdrop, several sexy cutouts, and it’s just avant-garde enough for you to not have in your own closet at home.

Pass your own judgements on the dress. If you like it, you should know it costs upwards of $3500.

And no, I didn’t forget any decimal points. That’s three thousand, five hundred dollars.

It’s actually more than that. Let’s not talk about it. In brighter news, Sevigny’s fame has stayed with her as she has become popular with the gay community, but avoids the limelight (she’s not partial to it), and stuck close to her family, even after her father’s passing in her twenties. She currently resides in Manhattan, NYC.

Celebrities Considering Laser Eye Surgery to Get Rid of Glasses!

laser eye surgeryLaser eye surgery procedures are gaining popularity at a pretty brisk pace thanks to a combination of reasons that makes them a very attractive prospect for those with defective vision.

Apart for the promise of not having to wear either glasses or contact lenses again, Laser eye surgery is effectively a simple process, largely safe, quick and has a short recovery time. That makes it almost ideal for the busy paced modern lifestyle and idyllic for many who wish to have the perfect natural vision that aids them in their respective professions.

Yet, before you jump into the procedure, it is best to exercise caution and know exactly what you are getting into, to ensure that perfect results are obtained —

  • Evaluate the qualifications of your Laser eye surgeon. None of us wish to end up with poor vision because of a compromised procedure and it is important to remember that not all ophthalmologists are qualified to perform Laser eye surgeries. Check for your surgeons experience in the specific procedure you are undergoing and if you have any doubts, most clinics will provide you with necessary statistics that will help in making the decision.
  • Understand the specific procedure that you need and what it involves. Depending on your own vision defect, you can undergo either LASIK or LASEK or even non-laser procedures such Intra-Ocular Lenses and Conductive Keratoplasty. Consult your surgeon and know exactly what you need and the care each procedure involves.
  • Examine the statistics that are relevant to your own prescription. Various procedures and their results vary with each specific prescription and hence it is important to know exactly the results you can expect for your individual problem.
  • Carefully pick a clinic that will not only offer top notch quality, but also performs all the necessary pre-surgery tests that determine your suitability for laser eye surgery and will help you deal with any slight complications well in advance.
  • The recovery time post a Laser eye surgery might be short, but it still requires specific attention and a periodical check up to ensure that there are no problems. Make sure your clinic offers that and also confirm on the availability of your surgeon for post-operation consultation.

Top Gifts for Your Teenage Girl

In the olden times, 21 used to be the age when one was considered to be an adult and old enough to have her own key to the front door of her parent’s house.

To keep the tradition going even though the legal age has been revised, a “key to the door” is often gifted to the person celebrating his/her 21st birthday.

But then what all could be ideal 21st birthday presents?

So many, we would say. Times are changing and the preference of the youth too has changed a lot. But a gift is a gift, and presenting a 21 year old on her birthday with a key and love is the most important aspect here.

Well, you could always make personalized gifts, as they would be closer to the heart and make it go fonder.

Making a collage using all the old and new photos and giving it a good frame would make a really cool gift.

To be in good spirits on a wonderful day, a bottle of single malt or wine depending on the likes and dislikes of the person celebrating the birthday.

A twenty one year old girl would definitely love to be in vogue. So how about a fashionista statement for her? Think of something that would make her feel she is grown up and ready to mingle. Trust us, a nice cocktail dress would take her to cloud nine.

A designer handbag should be a favorite for years to come. A charm bracelet with charms that remind her of various happy times in her life would be very appropriate. Speaking of jewelry, simple diamond or pearl earrings are always a hit and should last for ever.

A new smartphone would be cool, especially if you provided the first year usage for free. Be careful on how she uses it. If she texts a lot, you may want to consider a sliding keyboard. If she views a lot of video or music, other smartphones suited for those purposes are desired.

Gadgets are aplenty, and you just need to choose with your wallet in mind and the durability of the devices you pick. If she is in college, a laptop or tablet might just be the best present ever. Speaking of college, buying a few college textbooks may be a great idea.

Britney Spears Sells Beverly Hills Mansion

Britney Spears is in the final details of selling her home in Beverly Hills. The “Princess of Pop” bought the house in January 2007 for $6.75 million, but the singer will accept the payment of $4.25 million.

In 2007 the 30-year-old Spears suffered one of her worst personal crisis and bought the property two months after filing for divorce from former dancer, Kevin Federline. In February of that year, she immersed in crisis and was photographed by the paparazzi with her shaved head. In January 2008, she had frequent admissions to rehabilitation centers. That same month, Spears was admitted to a hospital in Los Angeles, where she was under severe medical  and psychiatric surveillance.

The Mediterranean-style property, which has five bedrooms and six bathrooms, had been put up for sale on the market for at least six times. The residence is over seven thousand square feet with private entrance, a master suite with baths, gourmet kitchen, breakfast bar, fireplace, pool, and three parking spaces.