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every girl out there wishes to get that exotic look like models on the magazines but again when we talk about branded cosmetics, sometimes they cost so much that not every girl can afford it. But it’s time when all you girls can get that look within your budget with MUA. Make up academy is famous among the ladies for it’s wide arrange of cosmetics starting from just 1 euro! Yes it sounds impossible but that’s the main theme of this brand to let those young ladies get the wonders of make up which is within their reach.

when you open their main website you will find written this sentence after many products that is, “it is just 1 euro after all…did we already mentioned that?” that is the beauty of their work that you will find in their products too.

It is quite a new brand in the market and already it has started competing leading brands around the globe. the low price simply does not mean that the quality won’t be fine. In fact, the MUA lipsticks are soft, buttery, it’s eye palattes comes with such a wide range, and it has  got a very high list of eye shadows and primers.



MUA products are colorful, bright and the best thing about them is you will get products of every kind; either for regular use or for party make ups. if you are on your way to get that diva look then MUA is there with it’s glimmering range to beautify your face. Over all, it’s a good brand that comes with a good and catchy price tag.

Magazines Search for a New Type of Cover Girl

Unsurprisingly, A-list Hollywood actresses– you know the type: outrageous amounts of money, ridiculously high heels, and sculpted husbands– are not the most relatable to the everyday female. This may seem like obvious news but there are some resounding effects.

Jess Cagle, managing editor of Entertainment Weekly, puts it this way:

“…[M]ovie stars are less revered than they used to be, and also audiences have shifted their allegiance in large part to television.”

Due to this shift in “allegiance” so to speak, editors have adjusted their magazine covers to satisfy the readers. For example, Glamour’s covers were 50% populated with film stars, but when the magazine realized that their edition featuring Lauren Conrad– a reality TV star– was the best selling issue in 2012, they opted to make film stars the minority of cover girls.

Other leading ladies who have made sales mile markers are Beyonce and Lady Gaga, showing that musicians pack a lot of punch as well. The growth of social media has also aided in the relability of some stars, especially those who tweet, or are patrons of Instagram and Vine, for example. Other possible reasons for the attachment to reality stars is the ongoing, weekly relationship  developed through regular programming, versus the roughly two hour relationship created during movies. The personal investment is much more temporary with movies than with television.

Another speculation is that most movies (as of late), appeal to men, and women make up the majority of magazine buyers, so  a gap is created where women do not relate to male movie stars.


Kate Upton: future Angel?

“Plus size” model Kate Upton has received quite the media attention in the past few months. From sex symbol to respected model, Upton has climbed the ranks as a force to be reckoned with. She loves her body the way it is, and so do we, despite some of the outrageous comments made about her appearance. In fact, stylist Sophia Neophitou, who has helped cast several VS runway shows, didn’t have anything nice to say about Upton as a model:

“We would never use [Upton for a Victoria’s Secret sho]. She’s like a Page 3 girl (referencing the  curvy women often featured in The Sun, a British tabloid). She’s like a footballer’s wife, with the too-blond hair and that kind of face that anyone with enough money can go out and buy.”

Upton took it in her long-legged stride: “I’m doing fine in my career, I don’t need to walk down their runway so it’s all good. She can think that and I can think whatever I want about her.”

The 20 year old bombshell has now modeled for Victoria’s Secret, Vogue Italia (November 2012), British Vogue (January 2013), and US Vogue (May 2013), as well as Sports Illustrated (twice), and GQ.

The model also has Youtube fame after a viral video and a music video in which she was featured, and boasts almost a million Twitter followers. Her fame has also helped spark the weight and body image debate, especially after a blogger dared to call her overweight (she’s 130 pounds).


Kate Upton on the Cover of Vogue

Twenty year old Kate Upton is doing more than making a name for herself: she’s helping facilitate a much needed and long awaited change in the way women are portrayed in the media. The bombshell graces the cover of the most recent edition of Vogue, where she is referred to as “the hottest supermodel on earth,”:

a90d42d2-4b62-49d1-bd9e-01193869c837_kateuptoncover_vogueWe must celebrate the appearance of a plus sized model on the cover of a high fashion magazine, marking Vogue’s effort to promote and picture healthier looking promises, recalling a promise they made in 2012. The magazine expressed an interest in the well-being of their readers and promised to not work with models under the age of sixteen, “who appear to have an eating disorder.” The magazine also encouraged designers to rethink how they picture, design, and market clothing, which often drives models to diet in order to fit into unrealistically proportioned clothes.

Upton speaks fondly of her own body, ignoring the preposterous “overweight” comments that have been thrown her way:

“The things that they’re rejecting are things that I can’t change. I can’t change my bra size. They’re natural! I can work out and I can stay healthy and motivated, but I can’t change some things. I really just live my life. I love my body. It’s what God gave me! I feel confident with myself, and if that inspires other women to feel confident with their bodies, great.”

The Importance of Eyebrows

Many women spend a huge portion of their daily routine working on their eye makeup, because that is where the eye naturally falls. We make eye contact during conversation, to indicate interest; our eyes are very expressive, so we highlight them. That’s all well and good but have you seen what a person looks like without eyebrows?


Like the photo says, eyebrows are more important that you think. They work with the eyes, framing them. They are one of the most expressive features of your face, and need some tender loving care every so often!

One of the biggest mistakes women make with their eyebrows is over plucking. The follicles in your eyebrows are very sensitive, so if you pluck too much, it takes a long time for those hairs to grow back; they might not ever grow back at all! So, don’t go pluck happy. It could cost you your brows! Now if only upper lip hair were that sensitive…

If you have already over plucked, just stop! Give your brows some recovery time. For the time being, fill in your eyebrows with pencil or shadow. Following up with clear mascara helps hold your faux brows in place, and helps them blend into your natural browline.

One of the common mistakes men make is thinking that because they’re men, they shouldn’t groom their eyebrows, like it’s too girly or something. I’m not saying go pluck and shape them, but a guy with a nice set of eyebrows has an advantage! At least address your unibrow. You can do it in the privacy of your own bathroom so no one has to know that you pluck occasionally.

Big, Beautiful Eyes

Big, mesmerizing eyes are a dream for many women, and a reality for only a few. Good news! There are a few, simple makeup cheats that will help you achieve that desired doe-eyed look.

Winged lashes: that classy look (best achieved by liquid liner in my opinion) really thickens the lash line. Perfecting this look can require some practice but after a few tries, you’ll be doing it in your sleep. I wear this look almost every day, and would say I’m a bit of a pro. One trick I use is placing my index finger on the outside corner of my eye and lightly pulling the skin back towards my ear. It’s much easier to draw a straight line when the skin is pulled taut. This is how I wear it, for a dramatic but clean look:

OK, I got a little lucky in the eye department.

OK, I got a little lucky in the eye department.

White eyeliner: A common mistake women make is lining their entire eye in black, which actually closes off the eye and emphasizes the edges in a negative way. Lining the top lid is totally encouraged, but tightlining (lining the moist space between the lash line and the eye) on the lower lids in white gives the illusion that the eye is larger.

Brighten the inner corners: Use a light shade like off white, or slightly lighter than your skin color, or a light reflecting shadow on the inner corners of the eyes to make the eyes look farther apart, and therefore more modelesque.  Just be sure to not get too close to the tear ducts with this as it can cause irritation.


Nail Polish Customization with Pretty Please


Nails are all about customization these days, as the current nail art craze can attest. But here’s a new one: Just-launched custom nail polish company, Pretty Please, allows shoppers to select their own color and personalize the name.

Currently, Pretty Please offers three different color collections: Berry Blast, Color Pop, and Perfectly Pastel, which each have four shades, ranging from aqua to neon yellow. Since the naming possibilities are endless, the concept is perfect for personalizing a birthday or bridal shower gift.

Pretty Please’s website officially launches on July 30. But if the anticipation is too great, the company is taking orders by e-mail. To order, message The polishes are priced at $7 a bottle, and the minimum order is six bottles with the same color and label.

Beauty industry continues to grow despite the global economic slowdown

Economies world over are experiencing a hard time with some of the nations in the European Union already on the brink of major economic disaster. While this has generally seen people cutting down on expenditure and the excesses, it seems for now that the beauty industry is somehow strangely immune to this effect.

Despite the urban middle class being all the more cautious when it comes to spending cash on luxury products and expansive holidays, high-end beauty products still seem to sell better than ever before.

The global beauty market has seen a constant upswing in the last few years and while the financial analysts look for clues that will help them unravel this mystery, the answer might lie more in the way we think and perceive the world around us, than in sheer numbers and economic prudence.

While many are turning to DIY home beauty remedies for solutions, the bottom line still is that people are willing to spend money on quality beauty products despite the tough economic times.

Products like lipstick, nail polish and even tanning supplies have seen a raise in the sales and many analysts now believe it is the emerging markets and developing nations such as Brazil and India that have the biggest potential to sustain this upswing with largely untapped areas.

With both Latin America and South East Asia just opening up and embracing the global beauty product firms, it seems only natural that the coming years will see a similar upswing despite the tough financial times. As far as the developing markets go, it is the US that still leads the pack in growth with a sales performance that was best in the last 5 years.

The trend in the sales of beauty products might slow down as emerging markets get saturated, but it should continue in a positive fashion in the years to come thanks both to growing “cosmetic consciousness” and popular media.

The Hot Tropics by Pupa Milano

For this season, it’s already time to try new colors and taste the new make-up collections. For the occasion, Pupa Milano brings to us to the tropics, with bright hues and a sensual play of the reflections of light and glossy texture.

The Hot Tropics offers four shades for the eyes of a new formulation of eye shadow, the “Diamond”, which thanks to its jelly texture, gives almost a three dimensional effect. The collection consists also of four heavy-duty automatic pencils and pearly tones, colored mascara, and lipglosses.

Which of these products are a must-have? I suggest not to miss the eye pencils, particularly no. 03, the Caribbean Marine Water. This pencil has an intense color that gives your eyes an emerald color.

My favorite look? Eyeshadow 03, which is the Paradise Island combined at 04 Turquoise Tropical Temptation Metallic Gold and green eye pencil, lip gloss of 01 Red Coral Reef and nails of 616 Coral Sea Star.


Yves Saint Laurent’s La Laque Couture

Be ready to get some nail pampering! Give those tips and toenails a chic and stylish color for this season. The Yves Saint Laurent’s La Laque Couture is one of the newest trendy nail polishes in the market. The collection comprises of 30 new colors: from bubblegum pink to shimmering deep blue; from classic red to frosty white. Another definite must-have!


The New Lip Glosses by Kevyn Aucoin

Lip glosses may create a sexy and chic looking pout on your lips. However, not all of them suit your lips. But, all these restrictions have been put on an end.

Kevyn Aucoin has presented a new range of lip glosses that does not only keep your beauty look polished and glamorous, but also keep your lips conditioned. The new lip glosses by Kevyn Aucoin is made with a combination of castor oil, sunflower and lanolin.

The collection comes in 12 trendy shades that glides on with ease, without making your lips slippery or greasy.