The New Mac Lipstick

If you want to add a flash of fun and color to your make-up collection, then the pink Paris-inspired lipstick from Mac is just what you’re looking for. The bubblegum pink is back on the trend for this season and its long-lasting formula makes it a perfect color for both day and night affairs.

Selfridges in London has launched an exciting new section called “Mac on 3”. The Mac on 3 is located on the building’s 3rd floor and consists of 6 luxury Mac make-up stations. So, if you want a quick make-up session or purchase luxury make up by Mac, then this is the best place to go.

Carine Roitfeld for MAC

The former editor of Vogue France has signed a collaboration with MAC, with whom he signed a special line of make-up. The makeup was brought to lofe by Carine Roitfeld.

It will be a concentrated dark, smoky eyes, which provides naked  lips. The advertising campaign starred by Roitfeld, was photographed by Mario Sorrenti.

This limited edition will be out for sale this autumn and winter. The makeup will be dedicated to women who love to play soul to rock music from with a beautiful and stylish eye makeup.

Thankoon Panichgul for Nars

The combination of fashion and beauty strikes again! This is how the new collection of enamels signed by Nars is generating. Nars is in collaboration with fashion designer, Thankoon Panichgul.

The line was inspired by the vibrant colors that are typical of the Indian spice markets. The shades are characterized by a solid color and semi-matte finish, that promises to stand for several days. The formula is free of toluene, formaldehyde and DBF.

It will seem confusing to choose between this hip colors. All are perfectly in line with the trends in summer.

Summer 2012 Make-up Collections: Enchanted by Clarins

India is inspired by the magic and promises to enchant you at first glance. This is the new makeup collection launched by Clarins, which mixes with the warm colors of the earth’s magnetic shades. The paleetes of purple create a strong and sensual look.

The “Enchanted”, on sale beginning May, will consist of an eye palette embellished with a reminiscent embroidery of Indian culture. The bronzer has two shades that goes well with the brush. The inevitable four “crystal lip balm” will color and hydrate your lips gently.


Giorgio Armani fragrances

For many people, the most important men in their lives are their dads. Whether it’s father’s day, dad’s birthday, or even a single “thank you, dad” day, this will be an ideal gift for the special man in our lives.

If you have not yet decided the gift for him, you might find this fragrance by Giorgio Armani interesting. The set includes two clutch kits, and a shower gel. This is also accompanied by famous Italian designer for men’s fragrances: Acqua Di Gio and Armani Code.


Kate Moss for Dior Addict Extreme

Kate Moss is reconfirmed this year as the face of Dior. The top model is the star of the 2012 edition of Dior’s Addict Extreme. The new collection promises to be “impulsive, bold and sophisticated”, with a new palette of colors and garish.

The French fashion house plays with the challenge and question: “Why deprive women of fashion and prestige of color?” Good question. So why not dive into the new world of lipsticks sponsored by a sensual and feminine face?







Cheap & Chic: The new glazes of ELF

A spring in pastel of colors. This collection of ELF nail polishes displays cool and vibrant shades for your nails. The colors resume the colors of this season with a very cheap price of 1.70 euros.

Among the shades of the line include the Desert Haze, Mint Cream, Bubblegum Pink, Lilac, and Fair Pink. Get ready to be chic and dandy this season!

Big Eye Makeup


Want to enhance the beauty of your eyes? We’ll give you makeup tricks that makes our eyes look bigger.

  • use clear shades under the eyebrow to give light.
  • use dark shades in the exterior part of the eye to create a very favoring torn effect.
  • delineate the line of top eyelashes to define the look and to give force to the eye.
  • do not forget the eyebrows since they are the frame of the look.
  • to highlight the eyelashes and give them form and volume, use a volumizing mascara.

Now, let’s have a step by step guide on how to apply our makeup.

  • Use a reviser of the tone of the skin to cover the eye bags. It is necessary to apply the product with help of a synthetic brush and to melt the product in the skin with your the fingers.
  • Apply a shade base in cream. This will allow the makeup to last the whole day.
  • Apply your colored eye shadows. Apply a clear shade under the eyelid to mark and to give light in this zone. Use a soft brush to have a blurring effect. Apply a dark shade in the exterior part of the eye to tear the look.
  • Draw a line in the top and bottom of the eye with a black eye-liner line to define the look and give it strength.
  • For the finishing touch, apply mascara to the eyelashes so that they are curved and full in volume.


Get Charlize Theron’s Look!


The Australian actress is the face of Dior J’adore perfume. No doubt she is one of the most beautiful women on the planet. Besides her spectacular physique, her style is one of the most sought after. Want to get her look? Here’s how:

Radiant Skin

To achieve perfect and dazzling skin, it is essential to use a foundation and a concealer the same color as the skin. Finally, apply illuminating powder using a natural hair brush.

Metallic Look

The key in metallic tones is to get a magnetic look. Use shadows in shades of bronze, silver, and gold. For the finishing touch, put  eyeliner and lashes. To achieve this, use a good mascara and curling iron.

Toasted Cheeks

To highlight the cheekbones, apply blush tone nicely toasted, blurring towards the temples.

Sexy and Juicy Lips

Apply a pink gloss on lips to get a spectacular mouth.

You should avoid

The bright colors and ornate style. The actress is known for her makeup and elegant understated style.

Professional Tips

To enhance the look and to add a touch of mystery, do not forget to outline the eyes with black pencil on the inside and out with finite trace. 

Complete the look

With a chic and glamorous hairstyle, for example. A semi-ponytail with gentle waves. 



Makeup ala Carmen Electra



The explosive actress has a sexy and provocative style that makes her the center of attention wherever she goes. Because her look, she never goes unnoticed. So let’s see how to get it:


Carmen always looks perfect in tanned skin. To care very much for your face, it is essential that the skin is well hydrated. Use a base fluid and light to unify the tone and illuminating concealer. To finish, apply bronzer.

Look sexy

The key is to get a super sexy look to achieve this. Eye makeup with pastel shades and have the eyes outlined in black. Finally, use false eyelashes at the outer edge of the eye and plenty of black mascara to define and intensify the effect.

Rosy cheeks

To give a touch to a baby doll look, use a bright pink blush tone in the center of the cheeks.


For lips, use a caramel gloss tone that adds volume and shine. Thus, further highlights the look.

You should avoid

Using dark colored makeup. Using dark colors would look heavy and the fresh look would not be obtained.

Professional Tips

Use highlighter above the cheekbones anad chin and to give light and show off makeup and glowing skin.

Complete the look

Remember that sexy style. Every detail must be perfect. Do not forget the right accessories to put the finishing touch.



Top 4 Scents that Turn Men Off


Men love sweet smelling women. However, there are some fragrances that make men go away, instead of alluring them. We have prepared a the list of the 4 fragrances that turn men off to make sure you choose the most flattering and alluring perfumes at the local beauty store.

1.) Honeydew

Yes, this is one of the sweetest aromas used in perfumes. But, it seems that guys just can’t get used to candy scents which get stuck in your nose for a long time. Attract more men by sporting fragrances which can be easily identified by the brain and you’ll surely have an amazing success among guys who have a refined taste for sweet sensory delights.


2.) Citrus Fruits

Do you think that fresh citrus aromas make a smashing impression on guys? If you think so, then you’re wrong! According to studies, men find these aromas boring and too girly. If you want to cast a magic spell on your target, skip the use of perfumes which include sweet grapefruit, lemon, orange, or kiwi scents.


3.) Rose

Numerous researches proved that the scent of a rose is considered to be one of the guys’ no-no. Floral scents might seem refreshing and romantic, but the majority of men considers them too classy and plain. If you still want to stick to floral scents, try freesia and orchid scents.


4.) Chocolate

Chocolate aromas are considered unpleasant by guys in general. According to recent studies, the scents which imitate the smell of delicious desserts are considered a bit too much.


Sweet perfumes should be selected with great care. Therefore, look for perfumes that are not too strong, and men will simply find you mesmerizing.