Celebrities Considering Laser Eye Surgery to Get Rid of Glasses!

laser eye surgeryLaser eye surgery procedures are gaining popularity at a pretty brisk pace thanks to a combination of reasons that makes them a very attractive prospect for those with defective vision.

Apart for the promise of not having to wear either glasses or contact lenses again, Laser eye surgery is effectively a simple process, largely safe, quick and has a short recovery time. That makes it almost ideal for the busy paced modern lifestyle and idyllic for many who wish to have the perfect natural vision that aids them in their respective professions.

Yet, before you jump into the procedure, it is best to exercise caution and know exactly what you are getting into, to ensure that perfect results are obtained —

  • Evaluate the qualifications of your Laser eye surgeon. None of us wish to end up with poor vision because of a compromised procedure and it is important to remember that not all ophthalmologists are qualified to perform Laser eye surgeries. Check for your surgeons experience in the specific procedure you are undergoing and if you have any doubts, most clinics will provide you with necessary statistics that will help in making the decision.
  • Understand the specific procedure that you need and what it involves. Depending on your own vision defect, you can undergo either LASIK or LASEK or even non-laser procedures such Intra-Ocular Lenses and Conductive Keratoplasty. Consult your surgeon and know exactly what you need and the care each procedure involves.
  • Examine the statistics that are relevant to your own prescription. Various procedures and their results vary with each specific prescription and hence it is important to know exactly the results you can expect for your individual problem.
  • Carefully pick a clinic that will not only offer top notch quality, but also performs all the necessary pre-surgery tests that determine your suitability for laser eye surgery and will help you deal with any slight complications well in advance.
  • The recovery time post a Laser eye surgery might be short, but it still requires specific attention and a periodical check up to ensure that there are no problems. Make sure your clinic offers that and also confirm on the availability of your surgeon for post-operation consultation.

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