Charlie Sheen Sees Ghosts of Dead Friends


Actor Charlie Sheen said he had seen “ghosts” of some of his friends who have died—a situation which the current jury of “American Idol” did not find logical.

Thus, the actor from New York said that he has recently experienced “the visits” more frequesntly during the recent months.

“When my friend, Zalman King (the writer) died, I went to console his widow, Pat. We were making a toast and saw Zalman, who had been dead for four hours, dancing in the background,” said the actor.

Sheen said he did not find any explanation to the phenomena that was growing increasingly in recent months. But, what he has seen has given him the need to start believing in situations like this.

“Another dear friend of mine, Stephanie, whose father died. I was at home, and he (father) walked past me one day in the stairwell. I know it was him,” said Sheen who experience another situation.

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