Chris Hemsworth’s mother treated him like a ‘daughter’

The actor known for the film “Thor”, acknowledged that his mother would treat him as a girl, because he was “far more extroverted” than his brethren in sharing their thoughts and feelings with it.

“I like to think I’m a normal guy, but talking to my mother and I’m sure you say, ‘Well, Chris has always been like the daughter I never had.” I was always far more outgoing when talking to my mother ( perhaps more than she would have liked), while my brothers were more reserved,” confessed the star.

The handsome Australian also explained how he had to compete with his brother Liam Hemsworth for a role in “Thor”, which ended “benefit” to both.

“It’s the only time we’ve gone for the same role. And ended up benefiting both. I had already done a test, which did not reach fruition. And that’s Liam, who slipped among the five finalists.

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