Courtney Love, Sued


Courtney Love is sued by her lawyers, claiming she owed ​​more than $400,000 in 14 legal issues that occurred during 10 months.

Keith A. Fink & Associates who worked with Love, said the widow of Kurt Cobain, from January to October 2009, accumulated more than $500,000 in fees.

The lawyers said the artist expressed her gratitude by sending gifts, thank you notes, flowers and tickets to concerts, but also sent bounced checks. Also, Keith A. Fink & Associates said that Love is not responsible with her finances and spends her fortune to hire assistants who charge hundreds of dollars doing miserable chores.

On the other hand, the counter said they’d pay Love upon receiving their part of the will of late singer, Kurt Cobain. While the representative of the artist, said to “TMZ” that she was not notified.

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