Cruise Can Find Love Again With Pecoraro


Tom Cruise could find love again with Yolanda Pecoraro, after his divorce with Katie Holmes. Like Cruise Pecoraro is a faithful follower of the Scientology religion.

According to the “National Enquirer”, the 50-year-old actor has recovered form his divorce from Holmes, and find love with the 27-year-old Pecoraro.

“Pecoraro is the perfect woman for Cruise. The two had dated in the past after his divorce to Nicole Kidman. And now, they could be given a second chance,” said a former member of Scientology who told the magazine.

In the unauthorized biography of Tom Cruise, written by Andrew Morton, says that the actors met in 2004 at the opening of a center for their religion in Spain. Morton also points out that Tom was fascinated by Yolanda.

After separation from Katie, it was said that the Church of Scientology was a determining factor in the breakdown, for Tom wanted to send her daughter, Suri, to a center of these beliefs. This was something that Holmes was against of.

Tom Cruise was married from 1987 to 1990 with Mimi Rogers, and 1990 to 2001 with Nicole Kidman. His marriage to Katie Holmes lasted for almost six years.

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