Daniel Radcliffe, “The Woman in Black”


Director: James Watkins
Year: 2012
Genre: Horror

Daniel Radcliffe hangs on the magic wand of Harry Potter and become the star of a horror film, “The Woman in Black”, now in theaters. A little magic would be helpful to the film’s protagonist, the lawyer Arthur Kipps, who addresses its mission in the remote village of Gifford Crythin.

Gifford Crythin is a place isolated from the rest of the world—deep in the swamps—where our young hero is going to administer the legacy of Mrs. Drablow, who recently died. Mrs. Drablow lived in an isolated house in the Eel MarshHouse, a place difficult to reach because of the tides. Even so struck by the curse of the classic Victorian atmosphere of the film, it gets even more disturbing. Who is the spectrum in all black that is haunting the house?

Harry Potter was constantly afraid, but not lacking in courage. So is the lawyer Arthur, this time without friends to help him. Who can he count on to solve a great mystery?

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