Do you eat fashionably?

The useful effects of vitamins, the dietary health pacts for food fanatics of the world may be suppressed due to massive consumption of fast food which would be considered as illicit for veggie nuts.

According to the steer provided by the case, it is legit enough to issue the demand for less consumption of both coffee and soft drinks which hamper utilization of calcium in the body leading to soft bones and osteoporosis in females majorly and certain reactions with ascorbic acid, respectively.

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However, lettuce, mayonnaise, cheese and the red meat hidden under the sub’s or the burger’s luscious breaded bun may be the ones which would help you to stay akin for fat-soluble vitamins, probably. When speaking about a diet, one would bypass natural sources for daily intake of vitamins and minerals and would depend on high potency multivitamins which would in your case (if taken) would prove to provide hazardous effects as coffee would contradict it.

Your body would certainly lack in vitamin C as the consumption of soft drinks or sodas as cited in the USA would result in a harmful chemical reaction leading to the formation of benzoic acid which would in turn hamper the body’s metabolism, nevertheless. Your diet would also lack in profound amounts of vitamin D and vitamin E, with the hazard of decreased calcium absorption from your bones due to excessive aid of coffee.


You would be advised to consume fatty fish such as salmon or mackerel and you may even amuse yourself by a mouth-watering tuna salad which is a delicacy in the US, of course. By replacing the soft drink with fresh orange juice would provide you with vitamin C and the replacement of the sub or the ham burger one at a time with holy mackerel would prove beneficent for you!

After all, you wish to look downright sexy in that prom dress, don’t you?

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