Dress code – small treaty for sensible fashion

What dress code? What should I wear at THE event? Here is a small treaty of how you should dress to look good in every situation. . Put in practice your code of good “wardrobe”.

Dress code is not synonymous with classic, but classic is eternally valid. I followed the dress code in situations that require it and I always got great results. That public events that require a certain dress code part even in the invitation. For example, an important business meeting requires a costume or a dress.

Black always saves you, and a pair of high heels gives one side an attitude female “male”.

Deux-piecès for the office should be designed with a certain color and length skirt. Also a dress for the office dress should be comfortable and, importantly, to have a decent cleavage.

► No matter how sober is held, we can “sweeten” with accessories: a necklace, a scarf with colorful print, a frill or bow, a lavaliere neck, red lipstick, a red or purple shoes.

► We have reported the most serious offense and the style to evening attire, clearly! From an excessive desire to be special, decorated to saturation, running through the bad-taste. Simplicity is sublime, but for some people it is a “nothing”. What a pity!

► Depending on the job, there’s dress code to be observed. Personally I love the jeans with a special jacket and heels. Only on days when I meet costume portable format. But I do not represent a good example, because working in a corporate environment and the job I have allows me all the freedom possible.

► In case of doctors, even if the dress underneath just looming, it must be decent. Woman lawyer must command respect and authority (or pants suit, dress right, but not like romantic, with flowers and ruffles). Teachers must be decent, attentive to short skirts and necklines nepotri-cattle. It is good that there’s this dress code at work. I do not think we would like to see our colleagues in the trainings.

► Failure’s dress code exists because people are not well informed or not a given capacity analysis or even indifference. But here comes and event organizer. It takes time to prepare an outfit suitable for a large event, the dress code imposed.
rules and figures of speech

– Business attire is a well-tailored suit, a dress trimmed.
– Black-tie or tuxedo suit is seen in men and cocktail or evening dresses for ladies.
– The job is ideal neutral tones: white, black, gray, beige.
– If you are invited to a wedding, avoid white or lavish gowns using troll lines, they belong exclusively to brides. He wears pastel colors or strong colors, including black.
– If it’s a funeral, black and sobriety required to cut: nothing short, nothing bare.

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