Elton John and Partner Wants to Adopt Another Child


Singer-songwriter Elton John and partner David Furnish, want to adopt another child as they both want their son Zachary to not grow alone. The British singer told the newspaper “The Guardian” that he and Furnish are concerned that Zachary—the son they had with a surrogate mother—has some issues with school due to John’s fame.

“I think it’s difficult being an only child, and an only child of someone famous,” John said. He added, I have a brother, someone to be with. I know when school will have a lot of pressure, and I know some people say, ‘You do not have a mom.'”

John also said, “It’s going to happen. We talked about it before adopting another child. I want someone who is at his side (Zachary) and will support him forever. We’ll see what happens.”

Last month, John was hospitalized for a respiratory infection, so he was forced to cancel a series of shows in Las Vegas. But, a spokesman for the singer said he is now “at home and doing well”. For this fall, the musician launched a new material entitled “The Diving Board”, which is a follow up from the album “The Union” (2010). The artist said this album was the “most exciting” and he was very excited by the end of the product.

Eltoh John held this a tour in the UK, starting with a show last June 3rd at the Taunton Somerset Country Cricket Club.

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