Elton John Sued for Alleged Plagiarism of the Song “Nikita”

A photographer and composer sued Elton John in a U.S. court for allegedly having plagiarized the song “Nikita”, that the British pop star debuted in 1985.

According to Guy Hobbs, he would have written the theme in 1982 based on a personal story with the title “Natasha.” Hobbs said that the lyrics of the song refers to a brief relationship he had with a waitress in a Russian cruiser in the early 80s.He said at that time, he sent samples of the subject to various companies, including Elton John who recorded the Big Pig, without obtaining any response. 

On Elton John’s “Nikita”, he would be a beautiful military guard in East Germany, guarding the border with West Germany before the fall of the Berlin Wall. Elton John has not yet responded to the demand.

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