Eva Longoria Confirms Break-Up with Eduardo Cruz


Eva Longoria is free and ready to turn to love after confirming her break with Penelope Cruz’s brother, Eduardo Cruz.

The “Desperate Housewives” star officially announced that her relationship with Eduardo Cruz has come to an end after several breakups and reconciliations. Cruz, who is a singer and songwriter, is 10 years younger than Longoria.

Longoria and Cruz’s courtship began in February 2011, months after Longoria had concluded the process of divorce. Longoria had been married to professional basketball star, Tony Parker. However, their marriage came to an end after the actress discovered that Parker was cheating.

A few days ago, the 37-year-old beauty, who is involved in the movie “Cristero” which premiered this 2012, told the entertainment press that to be in love is defined as hopeless romantic.

In March, Longoria launched her second fragrance, “EVAmour”, which promised to donate part of the earnings to benefit the Latino community.

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