Farewell to Robin Gibb


The last survivor of the Bee Gees, Barry Gibb, paid tribute to his brother, Robin, in his funeral in Thame, a small town in southern England. At a ceremony in the church reserved for close family and friends of the singer, Barry Gibb said Robin, who died last May 20 at age 62, had now reunited with his twin brother, Maurice, the third member of the Bee Gees who died in 2003.

“I think the greatest sorrow of Robin in the last 10 years was losing his twin brother. And now they are together. The three saw innumerable hosts but never seen as much love as I see today,” he said as hundreds of fans had gathered outside the church of Saint Mary to pay a last tribute to the singer.

A white carriage with crystals, driven by four black horses and covered with red roses, carried the coffin of Robin through the streets where the composer lived for many years. The most famous songs by the Bee Gees were played during the ceremony in the church. ┬áRobin’s mother, Barbara, his wife Dwina and son Robin-John, her other children Melissa and Spencer, as well as the Israeli entertainer Uri Geller were present in the ceremony.

According to his family, Robin Gibb said the desire to say “a last farewell to their fans in their town of Thame,” and should be buried in the churchyard of Saint Mary. Another memorial ceremony will be organized by the stalwarts of the singer.

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