George Clooney and Julia Roberts Team Up to Protect their Image Rights

George Clooney and Julia Roberts have teamed up to bring a joint complaint in court against two California companies that are accused of using their image without permission as a publicity stunt. This was reported by The Hollywood Reporter. 

Lawyers for the famous actors brought the case to the Superior Court County of Los Angeles on April 27. The reported companies were the Digital Projection and Beyond Audio, who belong to the audiovisual sector. They will face charges of misappropriation undue publicity rights, infringement of a trademark and neglect. 

“The defendants used large photographs of the complainants in advertising, marketing and promotions, including print ads in many magazines over the past months,” the documents stated in the complaint. Where appropriate, images of Clooney and Roberts were used without permission on the websites of companies, as well as brochures, newsletters and e-mails. 

The Hollywood artists have called for compensation for damages that has not been specified, and that the defendants pay the costs of the trial and issue a court order that specifically prohibits them from using the image of George Clooney and Julia Roberts in the future. promotions.

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