George Clooney: Arrested

George Clooney ended up in handcuffs, but this time, it’s not driving while intoxicated as many other Hollywood stars have accustomed. Instead, the actor and director was demonstrating outside the embassy of Sudan in Washington. Just two days ago, George Clooney had denounced the war crimes that the Sudanese soldiers had committed against civilians in South Sudan, which has been obtained from only one year of independence from the north country.

George Clooney was handcuffed by police and taken away from the sit-in that was participating along with other activists. Another movie star recently involved in a similar episode was Christian Bale. During the presentation of the film, The Flower of War, the Batman actor had gone to see a Chinese dissident and the authorities had forcibly carried him.

Without a doubt for George Clooney, there will be serious consequences, but the gesture will serve to shine the spotlight on the tragedy, often forgotten, that is affecting  South Sudan.

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