George Clooney Freed After Being Arrested by Sudanese Embassy Protest

WASHINGTON – Actor George Clooney who was arrested during a protest outside the Sudanese Embassy in Washington, was released hours later, according to CNN.

Despite having received several warnings from the police, Clooney was arrested along with other activists on charges of civil disobedience.

The actor and director met with lawmakers a few days ago the U.S. Congress to report the problem situation that exists in South Sudan, where he traveled recently to make a video that can create awareness in the international community about the conditions life and the violence that exists in the border of this African country.

Clooney, who blames the Sudanese government for the attacks that have claimed the lives of hundreds of civilians, was among those invited to the White House dinner in honor of the Prime Minister of England, David Cameron.

According to some sources, Syriana actor said that during the meeting asked President Barack Obama to convince the government of China to join international pressure against the government of Sudan to allow aid entry population, an area in addition to violence, presents problems of famine.

And is that China is a country that imports oil from Southern Sudan, the same that has been affected by the constant struggle with its neighbor, Sudan.

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