Gerard Butler in Rehab


The British actor known for his roles in “PS: I Love You” and “The Queen of Winsdor”, is currently receiving treatment at the Betty Ford Center to fight against his addiction to drugs.

According to TMZ, the actor’s problems began in 2006, at the end of the movie “300”. At that time, Butler already felt some pain against which he had tried to fight. But the situation later deteriorated during a surfing accident on the set of another movie, “Of Men and Mavericks. “

According to the website, the star is not yet hooked, but would have cared to take as many drugs, and would have preferred to treat this addiction before it becomes a complication.

It was also said that Butler had already experienced this problem with alcohol addiction. At one time, the actor had an alcohol concern. “I used to drink until I do not remember anything anymore. I was just crazy about it and wished death. It was madness. One or two glasses were never enough for me. I was a pillar that could not stop. I do not miss it. “After three weeks of treatment, Butler will leave the center and continue his career.

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