German Creates Shoes with Dead Animals

Shoes with stuffed pigeons, horses’ hooves or heels in the form of guns are part of the “art” of German Iris Schieferstein. This artist of 45 years using stuffed animals as raw material for his sculptures with taxidermy mounts he made a wide range of fancy shoes.

Over ten years Schieferstein began to create objects from the bodies of dead animals, just to show how far the limits of their imagination. According to an interview to the magazine DMAG Argentina, the sculptor said the aim of his work is “the creation of a beauty that radiates glamor made a morbid way that contradicts all kinds of aesthetic systems.”

“My art is something that inspires people and encourages us to reflect on the thoughts that we all humans equally,” she added. Schieferstein said getting animals from zoos, abattoirs and markets legally and then dismantling them and modify them according to the object that seeks to create.

Considered macabre to some and praised by others, it is indisputable that her creations never go unnoticed.

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