Get a Grip, Miley Cyrus!

If you have not heard of Miley Cyrus, then, it is better for you to be aware of this half-crazy woman. We would call her a woman on account of the stuff she has been doing in live performances. Before we get warmer, let us formally introduce you to the young star who had been featured in the famous Disney Channel series, Hannah Montana.

She became quite popular from that show and millions of people from all around the world began drooling on her not-so-sexy appearance. Who does not like a celebrity? She has also appeared semi-nude in some magazines in which she holds a white cloth trying incapably to hide her bosom.

As we speak of her negatively, it would be better for her to take some action and stop sticking her tongue out. Her lips are usually covered with a fire engine red lipstick which is the only colour that goes on her lips, most probably. You would see her lurking with that colour and pig-tails in most occasions.

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Recently, at the MTV music awards which were held in New York, Miley Cyrus crossed the limits and became like her aged counterpart, Lady Gaga. Lady Gaga has been practicing her weird attire since the day she stepped in the music industry at Hollywood, but, the fame of her songs has been spread far and wide.

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Miley Cyrus wore a hideous nude bikini and performed a lap dance with one of the rappers who was performing with her on the stage. Will Smith’s children had worn a completely baffled expression on their faces as they saw Miley Cyrus playing with the rapper. Also, a fan could be seen playing with her private parts with the help of a rubber hand. This is just too much.

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