Hair: making it happen

I got lucky… with my hair. For the most part, straight hair is accepted as “in style,” and I was “blessed” with pin straight hair. I say “blessed” in quotations because I hate it. My hair refuses to hold a curl. You can have the most expensive hair spray in the world and my curls will be gone within the hour. I have to sleep on curls to get them to last through the next morning. Needless to say, I also hate styling my hair! I rarely have to (since I got lucky with naturally straight hair), so I haven’t had much practice eon myself. I realized this and decided to do some research:

Sea Salt Spray: creates beautiful, natural looking waves. You can go buy¬†fancy, enriched spray, or you can make your own. Now you might want a pad of paper to write this down: it’s water and sea salt. That”s it. The ratio will depend on your hair and how much you want to be able to feel product in your hair. More sea salt means more of a sticky hold. I prefer the David Babaii, but use both.














Degreaser: aka dry shampoo. Styles often hold better when your hair is a little greasier because it can hold it’s shape and usually has less flyaways. But, we don’t want grease ridden hair when we’re going to the effort of style. Dry shampoo will nix the grease at the roots, without getting rid of the positive styling qualities that go along with second day hair.


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