Healthy Hair, Gorgeous Looks!


Denise Richards



Our hair is considered to be our crowning glory. Therefore, good pampering and maintenance is essential. Shiny hair exudes health and beauty. It will make any type of hairstyle appear more elegant and gorgeous. Healthy hair can reflect the light that reaches the hair strands compared to damaged hair.

To ensure your hair appear lustrous you need to make sure you are caring for you hair. We’ll give you some helpful tips.



  • Make sure you are using the right hair care products for you. Condition your hair as often as possible because your hair needs moisture to remain shiny. Use heat protection products if you are going out, or if using styling utensils.
  • Blow dry your hair on the cold settings to ensure that the hair doesn’t suffer any heat damage.
  • Do not apply any alcohol based products on your hair. Use water based products instead. This is because alcohol will only remove the natural oils from your hair.
  • Make sure you don’t clean your hair excessively. This will cause your hair do dry, even leading to dandruff.
  • Protect your hair from the external factors like cold, wind, and sun. Again, this may lead to irritation to scalp and dandruff.


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