High Heels Explained

A heel is that projection at the bottom of a shoe. It is the party which is just below the heel bone. The shoe heel is primarily used to improve the rest of the shoes and at times is likewise used for cosmetic purposes. The high heel is common to a particular form of shoe which is very popular these days. It is often worn by women, but sometimes by men too.

Purpose of High Heels Shoes Heels are placed in the rear of the shoe exactly below our heel bone. The purpose of the heel isn’t only adding up the peak of the user but also serves to balance the shoe and it can also be used only for decorative purposes.

Moving Forward With This

The World War came along during the Forties which in turn of course had an extensive impact on fashion. Luxurious objects were hard to come by and high heel shoes weren’t an exception. Ironically, subsequent to the settlement of the War, it actually was a designer from France, Christian Dior, who actually acquired control of shoe style and crafted a new look around for the high heel shoe. Christian Dior took the shoe of King Louis XIV and added a low-cut vamp and a stiletto heel. That’s where the sexual significance of the high heeled shoe actually took off.

The History of the Shoes Wearing high heels aren’t a new thing in fashion. The earlier sign of wearing heels was during the Hellenic times on the basis of records. Some researchers suspected that the tendency of wearing the shoes happened centuries before. In other words, the shoes aren’t a modern invention. High heels shoes aren’t exclusively for women but some men are also wearing these types of shoes.

High heels aren’t a modern invention. The journey of high heels has had a rough one. High heels have a rich history. There is a big debate as to when the high heels came into existence, but is widely recognized and established that high heels have been worn by both men and women in all parts of the world for a multitude of reasons.

The proof of the use of high heels can be viewed the ancient Egyptian murals on the tombs and around the temples. But, the first recorded case of the use of high heels by men and women was in the Hellenistic times. Also, in 1500s, it became a fad amongst the European nobility to wear high heels. It began as a way to help keep their feet in the stirrups while riding. The use of high heels by men became a style and continued till the French Revolution. It resurfaced again in the 1970s and once again in the contemporary times.

The first official recorded case of using high heels was in 1533 during a wedding. It was the wedding of Catherine de’ Medici with the Duke of Orleans. She wore high heels during the wedding. However, a trend of lower heels came about in the late eighteenth century. This was due to the French Revolution. High heels were associated with luxury and wealth during this revolution. To avoid a look of opulence, the use of heels decreased.

High heels are loved by women all over the world. High heeled shoes or pumps are very popular. They raise the heel of the wearer above the toes, and this gives a look of longer, more slender and toned legs. High heels come in many forms, shades and colors like the classic black heels, the smart white heels and also the spectacular red heels.

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