Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox Are Spaced

The female protagonists of Friends have been inseparable friends since they met in 1994 in the auditions for the series. However, the engagement between the blonde actress and Justin Theroux could have caused a significant rift between the two.

“Since I met Justin, Jennifer priorities have changed dramatically,” a source told the magazine Grazia .

Courteney was one of the great supporters of the singer after his sudden divorce from Brad Pitt in 2005, and even invited Jennifer to spend a few days of vacation with her husband, David and daughter, Coco. However, now that Courteney has gone through a tough divorce and may feel abandoned by what was your best friend.

“Courteney must think Jen has forgotten how hard it is going through a separation. It is very hurt by what has been ungenerous, after all he did for her in the past,” said the source. 
If the new relationship sentimental Jennifer has taken time to be with his friend, the star could have less free time now with even after recently taking a large family of chicks. It is very busy taking care of them and learn everything you need to be a good foster mother.

“They are very social animals and love to go to visit with a cup of coffee in hand. And according to my assistant tells me, I love pasta,” the magazine said in Globe .

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