Jennifer Lopez: “Divorce was very sad and difficult”

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony ended their 0seven-year marriage in 2011, but since then, they have continued to maintain a good relationship. Despite having found someone to heal her heart, the artist admits that the decision to divorce still hurts.

“Without going into details, it is very, very sad. And we are trying to overcome it. It is emotional and difficult. We’re still friends, and we are parents. But it will take time. It’s hard. But I am very proud of the way in how we faced it. We’re doing the best we can for our children,” Lopez said.

The former partner recently appeared on Ellen DeGeneres’s program to promote Q’Viva! The Chosen.

“What you saw in Ellen is very worthy, trying to rise above emotions and pain that comes with a divorce and the breakup of a family. This is something mature. It is real, is serious,” she said.

But despite that all is well with Marc, the singer acknowledges that she is very comfortable with her boyfriend, Casper. “He’s adorable. But as you have seen, I don’t want to talk much about it. It’s private,” she added.

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