Jessica Alba Wins Lawsuit Against Weight Loss Company


Jessica Alba will receive monetary compensation for winning the lawsuit she filed against a company for weight loss products, which used her image and name to promote their products.

Jessica Alba’s sued the company, Belly Bandit Be, who she never authorized to used her name or image. The company that sells products to lose weight after pregnancy, will have to compensate the actress, who filed this lawsuit for one million dollars in October 2011, although it is known that the payment be less than what the artist calls.

At the time that the actress raised this demand, the company said that weight loss products used her name and picture illegally on their internet portal.

“It’s hard to keep tabs on the food. I eat 200 calories per meal, but I exercise, so basically, I’m starving and it sucks,” Alba said. “I also drink lots of water. I exercise every day. Although only 45 minutes, they are good for my mental health. I put on sporty clothes and exercise is worse. It is hard to motivate,” she added.

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