John Mayer Feels Humiliated by Taylor Swift


Musician John Mayer admitted that the country singer and former girlfriend, Taylor Swift, humiliated him in the song she wrote entitled “Dear John”. Although Swift never revealed who she meant in the song, Mayer found that the letter that he wrote his former girlfriend caused that made ​​her feel very bad, as stated in an interview for the American edition of “Rolling Stones”.

Swift wrote the song after ending his relationship with Mayer. And as declared by Mayer, they’re not that well and did not disclose the reason for their split.

“I do not deserve it. I’m good, and I’ve never done anything wrong to deserve this. It was a really ugly detail. I humbled when they head up. I mean, what would you do if you’re at your worst and someone tries to sink further?” said the singer.

Mayer also said that what Taylor wrote is cheap. With these statements, all dots that marked Taylor Swift has made ​​this young man seems to bother him more.

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