John Travolta Sued by Masseur

John Travolta was sued for sexual harassment by a masseur, who said that the actor tried to have intercourse with him. With this, the masseur demands for two million dollars as compensation.

According to the “TMZ website, Travolta contacted the masseur picked him up with his car. Travolta drove to the Beverly Hills Hotel where he had rented a bungalow. The testimony offered by the masseur, who goes by the name of John Doe, indicates that the session went smoothly during the first hour. But then, the actor began to caress his leg and immediately touched his genitals.

According to his testimony, the artist was angry against the refusal and called him a “loser”. Doe says Travolta masturbated in front of him, and explained that he had “got to where he was” by performing sexual favors to executives in the film industry. The artist later apologized for his behavior, but then offered his relations with him and “another Hollywood star,” the masseur says.

In a statement released by “E! News”, representatives of Travolta described the demand for “complete fiction” and said the actor was in Los Angeles when this happened. They also said that the masseur only seeks  fame.

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