Johnny Depp Denies Split with Vanessa Paradis

Actor Johnny Depp said that there are false rumors about the breakup with his partner, Vanessa Paradis, with whom he has a relationship for 14 years. In a statement to the “The Sun” newspaper, Johnny Depp asserted that the rumors are not true.

“Despite what I say about it, people will always think what they want. Again, we have not broken,” Depp explained. However, despite sharing a house in Franc theye have not been seen together in months. Most recently, Vanessa Paradis went alone to the premiere of “Café de Flore” in Paris.

“People are worried about how Johnny is taking in this situation that he and Vanessa is a broken relationship. The relationship looks set to end quite soon,” said a source close t oDepp. Johnny Depp recently released the film in a “dark shadow” director Tim Burton.

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