Johnny Depp to Launch a Novel Next Year


Johnny Depp will publish the novel, “House of Earth”, by composer Woody Guthrie. The “House of Earth” retains the essence of a social conscience too developed, which made ​​him acquire a sensitivity to issues of poverty.  Depp published the book with author, Douglas Brinkley.

According to “The New York Times “, Depp and Brinkley stressed that “the book is a reflection on how poor people are looking for love and meaning in a corrupt world where the rich have lost their mortal compass.

“The story is universal on marginalized people,” although the novel has as background about the devastated fields of Texas. They said that it would have the same concept as the refugee camp in Sudan or in a slum in Haiti, they added. There is still no official date for publication of the book. However, it is expected to be launched next year.

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