Justin Bieber Refuses to Take Pictures with Fans in Toronto


Canadian singer, Justin Bieber, refused to sign autographs and take pictures with dozens of fans who followed him, while waiting for his girlfriend, Selena Gomez, at the airport in Toronto.

Witnesses said that his girl fans felt a great disappointment to see the attitude of their idol. As for his personal safety, Bieber tried to persuade his followers to stop harassing him. But at the insistence of the girls, Bieber tried to keep them away.

“You are not being respectful. I’m here waiting for my girlfriend, right? If you are really my fans, why do you do this?” said the teen singer as he loses patience with his followers.

After reiterating, “I have to be nice with you, but you are practically in my face.” Bieber calmed down minutes later and agreed to take some snapshots with fans.

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