Justin Bieber reveals his secret to being a good boyfriend

Justin Bieber considers that relationships should be based on honesty and the best way to cope with marital conflict is admitting mistakes. Justin has been dating actress Selena Gomez for almost two years and is not afraid to say “sorry” when he makes a mistake. “To be a good boyfriend, just be patient and say ‘sorry’ when you’re in trouble. You will always make mistakes with your partner, the girls are complicated,” he confessed on the E! News¬†website. The artist has just released his new single, Boyfriend¬†and the theme of the song suggests that he might have written for his partner. However, the singer says he has nothing to do with their current relationship, but with a more general idea that has always been present in his heart.

“No, the song comes straight from my heart and the message simply says that if you’re my girlfriend, I’ll never let go. I promise,” he said. Coming soon is the release of his new album and also announced that he will embark on a new concert tour. The couple usually gives much quality time with their relationship .

“As I finish my album and as soon as it hits the market, I’m going to my new tour, which probably will begin this summer, maybe late,” Bieber revealed in the program of Ryan Seacrest, American radio. In addition, the teen idol hopes to get some time in his busy schedule to create what would be his second fragrance. “We’re in it, will make another to be the continuation of my first perfume, Someday,'” he said.


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