Justin Bieber, too young to think about marriage

Justin Bieber believes that Selena Gomez is the “right person” for him, but he does not want to marry soon. The 18-year-old Canadian singer thought to be too young to take a decision. For more than a year, he has sustained a romance with Selena.

But when asked by the French newspaper, Le Parisien, regrding a marriage, Bieber said, “No, I’m too young. Someday I will engage, when I find the right person in five or 10 years. That does not mean that Selena is not the right person, it kills me when I say that,” he said.

About the exhibition that their romance is thus both are characters from the show business, Bieber said that not easy, but “I am a public person, is what I wanted and I have to deal with that.”

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