Katy Perry Gives Marital Home

The British actor, who filed for divorce from Katy Perry in December after fourteen months of marriage, has pledged to hand over the ownership of the 6.5 million dollar home they acquired while they were together and happily married. According to the writings, Katy has granted all rights to her plush mansion in Los Angeles. “It’s all part of the agreement have come and Katy Russell on their properties,” said a close source. The ex-partner did not sign a prenuptial agreement before their wedding in India, so that Russell could have legal access to half the fortune of the star, worth $ 44 million.

However, Russell said he does not want anything from his former wife and is keen to get divorce is as amicable as possible.

Despite their breakup, the artist, who is currently dating Nikolett Barabas, insists he bears no negative feeling towards the singer. “I’m fine. I do not have to drag all the bad from the beginning. I have nothing to forget and I do not hold on to anything negative. It’s like a vacuum. You can not let go of something you do not have, you see no sense and much of what is said in the world is absurd. I no longer I do that,” he said.

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