Katy Perry Passed Out at Justin Bieber’s Party


Katy Perry attended a party hosted by Justin Bieber at the weekend, however, the artist passed out. The singer attended the party in the Cirque Du Soir nightclub in the British capital.

“Katy was very excited to celebrate the night with Justin. They had a great time chatting and catching up, even though she was holding some vodka cocktails and kept drinking a lot more bottles. About five in the afternoon, she had difficulty walking,” said a source.

At the party, Perry enjoyed the company of her partner, Rob Ackroyd, and other famous guests. However, too much vodka eventually played a trick. The singer suddenly collapsed and fell to the ground, which shocked everyone.

“It took a couple of people to lift her, but all tried to help,” added the source. The singer had difficulty accessing the vehicle that took her back to her hotel.

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